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Deciding on whom to call on your wedding day can be a daunting task, as it involves remembering all your family, friends and acquaintances and then cutting down the numbers to the select few. The wedding guest list inevitably turns out to be quite large as it involves attendees from both the bride and bridegroom’s side.

Catering to wedding guests can get very elaborate and prove to be expensive. You and your spouse may sit and write down the names of all the people you would want to call for your wedding. This gives you a chance to prepare an exhaustive guest list and ensures that you don’t leave any one out. Once you have the list you realize — and this is especially true when you are considering a family — you may not want to call an entire family since you may not be particularly close to all the members. Maintaining a sizeable and manageable guest list is often the key to a great wedding. At your wedding, it is not mandatory to invite all your fourth cousins or permit your single guests to come by with their dates. You could even specify this on your wedding invitation. A wedding planner or other family members can help you narrow down your guest list. Always make your budget well in advance and determine the number of guests accordingly.


It is advisable to send out the wedding invitations well in advance so that the guests can make appropriate plans for the wedding date. Last minute invitations are not welcomed by most. The invitations sent should bear the name of the person and the family members, giving them a personalized and warm feel.

Details such as preference of cash instead of gifts should not be put on an invitation. If necessary such details can be conveyed by word of mouth or uploaded in the wedding website. Couples can set up a honeymoon or new home fund instead of a traditional gift registry. Guests can be asked to contribute to these funds rather than presenting gifts or cash.

Many couples have mixed views about having kids at the wedding. While they can add a certain innocent charm to the event, they can also cause commotion and chaos by shouting and running around. If you decide on a kid free wedding, it is not necessary to mention the same on the invitation. This information should be spread by word of mouth through family and friends.

For those who do not feature on the guest list, it is best to send out wedding announcements. These inform people about the wedding without formally inviting them. This ensures that the people are not completely left out, and helps you limit your guest list.

Guidelines for guests

  • Large gifts and packages should be avoided during a wedding. This is because such items are difficult to transport and there is the risk of them being stolen or misplaced. Such items should be delivered to the home of the couple.
  • Very often, it’s best to leave things simple and present the couple with cash.
  • Do not take the liberty of taking along your own guests. Only the names mentioned on the invitation are the invitees. In case your children are not mentioned, do not bring them along

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