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Invitations and stationery

While choosing the design and stationery for a wedding invitation it is important to find products that best express your feelings about this special day. A wedding invitation is meant to convey much more than what is obvious. It is a style statement that conveys the feelings of the newlyweds for each other, and also provides information regarding the event. The invitation has to be well drafted in order for guests to understand this information. As it helps convey the order and schedule of events on the special day, a wedding invitation should clearly state details of time, location, dress code, activities and other details of the itinerary.

You can choose between traditional and formal styles or customize it to reflect your distinctive personality. You can choose to send an electronic invitation with numerous links that finally prompt the receiver to save the card to their computer or print it out. Remainder invitation mails regarding the venue and date can also be sent out at periodic intervals. One good reason to spend hours in creating an ideal copy and design for invitations is to compel guests to preserve them in memory of your 'special day'.


How to choose invitations and stationery

You can browse the Internet for inspiration for various styles, designs and ideas. After you have collected a list of options, you can compare them, assess the costs involved for each, make a final selection and then customize the design. It's important to find the right stationery that to complement the style of the invitations. It is advisable to choose colors, designs and tools that reflect your personality and are in tandem with the overall wedding theme you have selected.

It is important to arrange for 'thank you' cards for very important guests. Stationery items such as enclosure cards and letter sheets will also be required. It is a good idea to choose something on which you can freely print your monogram or last names.

Stationery Etiquette


Invitations need to be mailed 6 to 8 weeks beforehand. This is all the more important when you plan a destination wedding or your guest list is comprised of many guests who live out of town.

Save The Date Cards

These are sent out well in advance via electronic mail and could closely resemble your actual invitation. This allows guests to keep your wedding date in mind prior to finalizing any other commitment at the time of your wedding. It saves on time and guarantees that the recipient acknowledges and receives your mail.

Naming Conventions

Except for non-professional titles, abbreviations should be left out.


When you invite children who are over 13 years of age, you could draft a separate invitation for them. If not, include their names just below their parents' names in the actual invitation rather than on the envelope.

Printing Options

You can choose between engraving, thermography, Lithography, Laser printing or handwritten invitations.

Ink Color

Black ink is the customary approach but you can experiment with colors that match your wedding party theme.

A wedding invitation could include reception cards, response cards, maps and directions cards and a travel card in case of destination weddings.
Addressing Envelopes

In most cases, people send out invitations in an inner and outer envelope. The outer one reads the name of a family whereas the inner one is more specifically addressed with the actual names of the invitees within a family.

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