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There are two main approaches to setting a wedding date. One, decide on a date and find services that happen to be available on that date or, the second one, that is to narrow down to a month or a season and find services that are available. Either way, choosing a date is not an easy task. Holidays, family and friends’ birthdays, family and friends who may be away on that date, all these factors play a role in the choice of the wedding date. Once the church or site of wedding and reception are fixed, ensuring their availability on the date and time of choice is important. Hence it is best to book the wedding as far in advance as possible.

Most people prefer getting married in the spring or the summer, but this doesn’t have to be the rule. Although you might have set a particular date, it is also advisable to set aside other dates well. Valentines Day, New Years Eve or Christmas Eve are popular wedding dates but churches and reception halls might be booked months in advance. Don’t schedule beach weddings for early September, as that is the hurricane season. January or February weddings might witness snow or frigid temperatures.


People to consider

Once the date is chosen, inform both sets of parents so that they can spread the word to friends and family. If the chosen date is in the summer months, family and friends might have already made plans for their vacation. In this case, parents may desire to hold the wedding at a time that is best for friends and family.

After parents are consulted, close relations ought to be informed of the date. Finally, consult all those who are to be a part of the celebrations and make sure they keep the date open. Consult all special friends and family members to make sure everyone can attend and no feelings will be hurt.

Culture and Superstition

Certain cultures and religions forbid marriage ceremonies from taking place during specific times of the year. Some people are superstitious and rely on numerology or the positioning of the sun or moon. In these cases, wedding dates cannot be randomly chosen.

If you are Jewish or many of the guests are Jewish, avoid weddings on Friday evenings or Saturdays before sundown. Consult a Jewish calendar before fixing a date. If you are Christian or many of the guests are Christians, avoid holy week and Christmas weddings.

Backup dates

Even after setting the wedding date some issues might still come up. Perhaps the chapel or the church that was decided on might not be available or the reception hall might be booked. For this reason, several dates must be kept open as a backup.

If the wedding is planned for a popular day or month, be sure to book in advance. Always have a backup date planned. It won’t be fun to start the whole wedding planning process all over again, if the church or any other place where the wedding is to take place, is booked.

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