Josh Brolin Has More Than a Hand in Wedding Planning
News from ABC News:

Josh Brolin isn’t one of those grooms content to let his bride handle all the wedding planning.

“I’m the guy who has to force himself to back off,” Brolin revealed to E! News while promoting his new film, “Everest.”

“I’m such a control freak and I want to control everything,” the 47-year-old actor explained about his upcoming wedding to fiancee Kathryn Boyd. “It’s not even that I want to control it; I just want to be in the middle of it. I want to be in the nucleus of it because that’s the fun part. That’s the nectar.”

Actor Josh Brolin Is Engaged to Kathryn Boyd
Diane Lane, Josh Brolin Split

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When Financial Planning Meets Wedding Planning
News from Financial Advisor Magazine:

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…………… continues on Financial Advisor Magazine
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Federal drug investigation leads to wedding dress bargains
News from WSB Atlanta:

Some happy brides are counting up their savings Wednesday afternoon.
Channel 2′s Linda Stouffer explains how a federal drug investigation is leading to wedding-dress bargains.
Bride Jackie Crenshaw feels like royalty with the price of her dream dress.
“All of them I looked at are $ 175,” Crenshaw said.
Even though many retail for almost $ 2,000, all these white and cream beauties are less than $ 200 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building in downtown Atlanta.
The dresses were seized from a shop during a drug money laundering investigation.
“You can’t beat this — $ 175. These dresses are like a thousand dollars are more,” Crenshaw said.
Bride-to-be Shawn Whitman fell in love — twice.
“You’re buying two?” Stouffer asked.
“Yes, for the price of $ 175 you can get two,” Whitman said.
Kevin Stallings, General Services Administration, told Stouffer the wedding planning is good for taxpayers, too, since the money goes back to the U.S. Marshals Service.
The special sale goes through Friday.
Crenshaw is saying “I do” to embroidered flowers, sparkles and more savings than she expected.
“I’m ecstatic that I came,” Crenshaw said.

…………… continues on WSB Atlanta
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It’s time to say goodbye to the wedding industry’s most unnecessarily …
News from Quartz:

A few months ago, I was downsizing my possessions as part of an experiment in minimalism. Like many women, my most copious source of possessions was my wardrobe, complete with its crown jewel—my year-old wedding dress.

While my decision to donate the dress was a relatively easy one, I quickly realized that my desire to reduce my waste was not shared by all of my friends in family. In fact, following a blog post documenting my decision, I received several emotional responses from family and friends Most of them pleaded with me to keep dress. “Anything but the dress!” they cried.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

The traditional American wedding dress is one of our society’s most iconic guilty pleasures, especially for members of the middle and upper classes. There are very few other items which society tells us we can acceptably spend loads of money on, wear only once and expect to never use again. It is consumerism par excellence.

 The traditional American wedding dress is one of our society’s most iconic guilty pleasures. Weddings as a whole often morph in…………… continues on Quartz

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Generic 2015 Women’s Sleeveless Mermaid Wedding Dress Long White (size2)
The color white symbolizes the purity of the love and marriage. The sleeveless style makes you feel cool in summer. And the valid …

21 Breathtaking Wedding Gowns Worn by Real-Life Princesses
News from POPSUGAR:

There’s a reason so many brides talk about their “princess moment” — there is just something so elegant about a royal wedding. While Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have forever captured our hearts, there are many other princesses — and gowns — that are nothing short of grand.

From the lust-worthy designers like Elie Saab and

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This same-sex wedding featured two grooms and ten wedding dresses
News from AOL News:

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Gay Couple Still Manage To Have White Wedding Dresses On Their Big Day
News from NewNowNext:

Deri Rogers and his boyfriend Ben Wood aren’t much for doing drag, but they still wanted a white wedding gown at their recent nuptials. So they decided to ask their bridesmaids—all ten of them—to wear wedding dresses in lieu of the usual tacky bridesmaid frock.

“Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal” Rogers, 28, told Wales Online. “[But] I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress—so why not ten?”

Each woman found her own dress on eBay, and was able to pick something she’d probably never wear on her own wedding day (and for a fraction of the cost).

“You could say the girls stole the limelight but we wouldn’t have had it any other way,” says Rogers.

Deri and Ben’s best “man” Sadie introduced the pair back in 2013, but Deri admits “nothing really came” of their first date. Months later they got back in touch and things spar…………… continues on NewNowNext

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17 Breathtakingly Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses (PHOTOS)
News from The Stir:

Everybody loves a celebrity wedding dress. They’re completely over-the-top, designed by someone absolutely fah-bulous, and pretty much personify any princess/fairy-tale dreams we’ve ever had in our life. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own wedding, or are simply in the mood to leisurely peruse through breathtakingly beautiful dresses, here are 17 stunning celebrity wedding gowns. Gorgeous.

Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

celeb style, wedding, kate middleton, duggars, kardashians…………… continues on The Stir

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Meet the Woman Who Knows Everything About Planning Your Wedding
News from Racked:

The idea came about back in 2010, when Khalil felt overwhelmed helping plan her sister Leila’s wedding. Although the siblings worked together at Leila’s bridal publicity firm, Be Inspired PR, they were still at a loss when it came to putting together their own event. “If it’s this difficult for my sister, who is very well-connected and in PR and has relationships with designers and planners, what is it like for the average couple?” she said. “I was shocked at how little resources there were.” Khalil, who studied entrepreneurship at USC, set up a domain name — inspired by My Fair Lady — with a note that said “Coming soon. We’re going to be changing the wedding industry.”

The site has since grown to 15 full-time employees, and features inspiration and tips for every wedding event from the rehearsal dinner to the post-wedding brunch. Loverly also runs a shop with commerce ideas powered by searches from the site’s users, who tend to be women (89% of users are female) between 25 and 34 — half of whom are engaged brides-to-be. This summer, Khalil published The Loverly Wedding Planner, a comprehensive workbook that breaks do…………… continues on Racked

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Julianne Hough Excited for ‘Wedding Planning Adventures,’ Shares Cute PDA Pic …
News from Yahoo Celebrity UK:

��}�w�6����Wp�{[��б�8���Ǐ8qk;�����m�DBk>��!Y������A|I�)'��kOkq@0��ۙ6��RbŎ}���?�D�|���YO)3�)�n��;�{�~������?��(�ŏ�̾yE�!qܞa�$ �{�A�n���odsFN��^������wv�O�[l��L2��46}�R��vP 8o�{ga��g�s����S����C�S7��]c�m\�[��: ��i��`������_�����G��$ ӭ]�����0�Q�@��;��60HF�J˪�b_��7a$ {p?rb ��$ �^,�q�k�*�ۋ�~�w��(ڊ��������hbN)�i��³e�8:��m�O��� GA’���_�~E�\:���=���F ~��’��t�m�����ǔ}�cZ���;6��F/]z؛Rg2�_�ワ����.Yב�n+b:���ĉ(Ȋ�ώO��r�ϻJ�ր�N��,>��k�Q����/�7�k��[>� �6�و�,�g�����S�d���lJ�� t3���oY�5Ӑ�a�x�~�4����"�Y�i�X���sٴ�f�o��� ���S|��xJ�?��<����h�,��t귤S��i��?:��;B���mM���d��d:��?:��W*$ 3��q���$ �XZm�%�������dϾs�Yԥ�Љ����%ٞq���<:��s�y�ܡ�E���t;�t�d�?:ўw{Yd�����%����Z�L���p��f�^��� .ǯ�/v�&v��⻣�xXy/Z��'�[l|3�}81_~w��HlM[��eK2�T6[ ��ą���A��(&a�5$ R�P�7�4��J�8n�G�����{���@��O;.�'��7�7��S���.�W����Ou‚�xJ�6�@��2��(>���Pߟ:��т��6�~KuB_Q'���P�� ��&a���ө���h޲��L�T��@���?y�k�4�+J�KفG'�*��7F��b�3v�6lA����!8c�~���^��ަ�۽�T� FN;��^K)vO�bY��!�39��hC�9 c'r� P-N��ې_쵔g�y�H�'�ɣ��{ߧdk����l�ZJ�{�d{›tB}g��㏃�$ j!��)B�I��K����t��D[�Ω��ɵ{-��=E�=�0�h���G��w&�FI8�K슢E[8wOg�_���?��!���g+H�8\~�)���WM��%]�(L�=”����.�Rw���v�!��oI5qw��fo��Û3}|�� q�҄�O�8��Rߜ��6��tj74������B-G�Y�̉���-��n:-�+�ٮy�Y��� dL�VC�[����Z/�R�J���:dc������PɄ��o|��{�%���%��:� ��t�e����~��)�,4�2%G��鼤�E��c'v�q�n1�L �qMl��'��ݗ��H�h�|�^ҫ3��kZ��>iG��FswM|;�����2M��n�Q�����F�MB���>gK�A'vV�............... continues on Yahoo Celebrity UK

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Wedding Planning For Dummies
The bestselling wedding planning guide—now updated! Congratulations, you're planning a wedding! Besides obtaining a fancy tuxed...
The Wedding A to Z: Everything You Need to Know ... and Stuff You Never Thought to Ask
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Julianne Hough Gushes About Engagement, Teases “Wedding Planning Adventures …
News from Us Magazine:

Julianne Hough took to Instagram after announcing her engagement to Brooks Laich, to thank fans and talk about wedding planning Credit: Courtesy Julianne Hough/Instagram

Pop the champagne and break out those Pinterest boards — the wedding planning is about to begin! Julianne Hough is on cloud nine after announcing her engagement to hockey player Brooks Laich on Tuesday, Aug. 18. In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, the Dancing With the Stars judge raved about her happy news, and teased a hint of more to come.

PHOTOS: The best celeb engagement rings

 ”What a week it’s been!” she captioned a dreamy shot of herself and Laich sharing a romantic kiss. “I’m just so happy and feeling so loved from all of you, and wanted to give you a quick update on everything. I can’t wait to share our we…………… continues on Us Magazine

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Demi Lovato Talks Wedding Planning
News from E! Online:

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are not—we repeat, not!—engaged.

“I’m literally turning 23 this week,” Lovato, whose birthday is tomorrow, said last night at Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 launch event in West Hollywood. “There’s no rush. We’ve been together so long [that] there’s no rush.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the “Cool for the Summer” singer from planning her big day.

“Every girl does that,” Lovato said. “I was planning my wedding when I was like 10!”

She recently revealed that she wants Ed Sheeran to perform at her nuptials.

WATCH: Why did Demi Lovato shave a dentist’s head?!

continues on E! Online

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The Wedding A to Z: Everything You Need to Know … and Stuff You Never Thought to Ask
Answers to every one of your burning bridal and wedding planning questions, from the experts who have seen it allDoes anyone real…
The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day
It’s the wedding bible: the most complete, lively, handholding, step-by-step guide to help every couple have a perfect wedding—n…
Wedding Planning: Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget (Wedding Budget, Do It Yourself Wedding, Wedding Planning, Inexpensive, Affordable): DIY Ideas to Guarantee an Affordable, Beautiful Wedding
Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget with DIY Tips!
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Wedding Planning: A Foolproof Guide to Planning Your Perfect Wedding (Your Guide to Planning a Memorable Wedding on Any Budget)
It’s time for a celebration…

A celebration of love, partnership, and trust. Two people finding each other in this crazy world a…

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dress photos are fake
News from Naked Security:

It’s a backless, V-neck, trumpet mermaid chiffon bridal gown with a train of ivory white that looks big enough to consume the slower-moving variety of flower girls – and the Jennifer Aniston Fans Facebook page wants you to join it as it melts in admiration.

Over the weekend, the Facebook page shared this wedding dress picture along with the message:

You have my whole heart for my whole life. #‎WeddingDress

Just one problem. Even though the woman wearing the dress is blonde, like Aniston, and her back is to the camera, it’s not Jennifer Aniston in that photo.

Truth be told, there are a few more problems. For one, even though Aniston did, in fact, marry Justin Theroux recently, that presumably wasn’t the dress she wore – I say “presumably,” because no photos from the wedding have been released.

We know that this photo isn’t of Aniston because the photo is actually one from the

… Read the full article

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Saskatoon brides trash wedding dresses to raise money
News from

A group of brides got together this weekend to trash their wedding dresses.

As part of an annual fundraising event Trash the Dress, six brides met with seven photographers for a unique photo shoot.

“This idea with it is this: it’s all the stuff you wanted to do on your wedding day but you couldn’t do it,” said one of the professional photographers involved, Grant Romancia.

Grant Romancia and a group of five other photographers take part in Trash the Dress every year. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

The Saskatoon fundraiser began six years ago by one of the six photographers involved in the project, Mandy Harding. 

“She had heard of people trashing their dresses so she thought, well, she’ll go and trash her dress too,” said Romancia.

The following year, a group of six photographers including Romancia and Harding decided to recruit more brides to take part in the trashing to raise money for charity. The other photographers were Danielle Stasiuk, Gina Yesnik, Vanessa Savage, and Lisa Krystchuk.

This year, the group raised over $ 25,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

“We just felt that the Children’s Hospital Foundation was one that would probably touch almost everyone’s heart because no matter whom you are, no matter whether you have k…………… continues on

… Read the full article

Hhdress White Organza wedding dress Quinceanera dress Bridesmaid Evening bridal dress US24
A Line,floor-length dress for party , white Organza dress for Quinceanera,Orgazna with beads…
Faironly J5 White Ivory Sweetheart Wedding Dress Bride Gown (XXL, Ivory)
Faironly J5 White Ivory Sweetheart Wedding Dress Bride Gown
Have already made In Stock , size have XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
Back Closu…

Keep these worst-case scenarios from ruining your wedding day by planning ahead
News from

By Hattie O’Hara

No wedding is perfect. No matter how long you have been dreaming of walking down the aisle, how many pins you have on your Pinterest wedding board or the steps you take to ensure that your day goes smoothly, there will still be bumps in the road. Thankfully, seasoned wedding planners like Ashley Stork of I Do, I Do Wedding Planning can offer advice on what to do when things go awry.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can start getting a forecast for your wedding day up to 10 days before the event, but have a tent plan. Know the size of the tent you’ll need, (venues can provide this) and work it in as part of the budget instead of leaving it to be a surprise expense. If you’re planning on taking pictures outside, have a plan B location and ask photographers for their back up plans.

Last-minute vendor cancellation
Make sure to hire professionals and have signed and dated contracts that are clear of what is expected on both ends. Last-minute cancellations happen when friend-of-a-friends are hired instead of reliable vendors. If you’re using a planner, they will have access to trustworthy options. Ask your wedding professionals about back up plans in case of emergencies.

Cold feet
Wedding-day anxiety is completely normal, even for the mos…………… continues on

… Read the full article

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OK! Exclusive: Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss Talks Kaitlyn Bristowe …
News from OK! Magazine:

Kaitlyn Bristowe is the next Bachelorette bride expected to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to fiancé Shawn Booth – but it wouldn’t be a happily ever after without celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss!

After planning weddings for Trista and Ryan Sutter, Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum, and Sean and Catherine Lowe, Weiss is Bachelor nation’s go-to wedding planner, as she hopes to add Bristowe and Booth to her list of growing clients.

“I feel really good about them,” Weiss said of if she thinks the couple will tie the knot. “I think her being so honest from the beginning got rid of all the wondering. I think he is very committed and I think they make a really beautiful couple.”

But just because Weiss hasn’t been booked to plan the wedding of the year just yet, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a vision for the special day!

PHOTOS: From Kaitlyn Bristowe To Desiree Hartsock, See 10 Bachelorette Stars Flaunt Their Toned And Trim Bikini Bodies continues on OK! Magazine

… Read the full article

L.A. Archetype: Wedding Planner

Posted by admin | 29/04/15 | Tagged Wedding Planning

L.A. Archetype: Wedding Planner
News from LA Magazine:

Celebrity-event producer Yifat Oren helps couples eat, drink, and be married

April 28, 2015

… Read the full article

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Courteney Cox: My 10-year-old daughter wants to be my wedding planner
News from



Courteney Cox is definitely excited about her upcoming wedding to rocker Johnny McDaid (who is in the band Snow Patrol). But there might be someone else who’s even more jazzed about the pending nups: her 10-year-old daughter, Coco Arquette.

As Cox noted on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, Coco wants to make the big day happen personally.

“I was going to hire a wedding planner, but apparently she wants to do it,” said Cox. “She’s 10, but she wants to do everything. She wants to be the maid of honor, which I think is weird. She wants to be the flower girl, all the bridesmaids. She’s very excited about it.”

continues on

… Read the full article

Bridal Spotlight: 10 Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Sleeves
News from PLUS Model Magazine:

Published by V.I.E., LLC, ©2015 All Rights Reserved

All images on this site are either owned by the site, have been approved for use or are readily available on the internet and believe to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be published according to the U.S Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.). If you believe that any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please use the contact form to email us immediately.

Amaze Magazine | Bass Musician Magazine | Daily Venus Diva | PLUS Model Magazine


… Read the full article

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Wedding Dresses With Interactive Flowers? Inside Dartmouth’s Digital Arts …
News from New Hampshire Public Radio:

Next week Dartmouth College will showcase the work of its digital artists, from animators and game designers to those developing interactive pieces and even fashion.

Lorie Loeb is a professor in Dartmouth’s Computer Science department and director of its digital arts program. She joined Weekend Edition with a preview of the 4th annual Digital Arts Exhibition, known as DAX. It takes place Tuesday, April 28th from 7-10 pm.

Where did the idea for this event originate?

The idea for the event originated four years ago, when we were really getting going with our digital arts program, an undergraduate program – now we have an undergraduate and graduate program. There were also other digital arts works being produced by students all across campus. So as more and more students wanted to use computational tools to make art, it seemed like we needed a place to showcase it and celebrate it.

As part of…………… continues on New Hampshire Public Radio

… Read the full article

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