Couple should plan their own celebration
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Dear Amy: Next month my beloved wife and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. My wife has three children from previous marriages. All three children have had successful careers.

My wife and I have good relationships with her children, whereas the oldest child is somewhat distant from the younger two.

Recently, I asked my wife if her children were planning a celebration of our 50th anniversary, a usual practice if I read the papers correctly.

She replied that she knew of no such plans, and knowing her, she will not probe the children or ask them to step up.

I support her position entirely. On the other hand, I will be disappointed if her children do not make any formal acknowledgment of this anniversary, but I would not be surprised.

Should we just go ahead and plan our own modest observance?

— Sad Dad

Dear Dad: You should definitely plan to celebrate this impressive milestone in your marriage.

Don’t make it “modest,” however. Throw yourselves a giant blowout, if possible.

You should consider the idea that these three adults are actually planning something on their own — children sometimes try to plan a surprise celebration for this occasion.

When you make your plans, make sure to let the kids know well in advance; if they are…………… continues on Baltimore Sun

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