‘Snooki & JWOWW’ Recap: Wedding Dresses Make the Girls Happy (VIDEO)
News from The Stir:

Sure, Snooki may twerk in front of baby Lorenzo in this episode (and it’s actually adorable and not at all gross), but we’re reminded yet again that JWOWW is the girl — woman? — who has a lot of growing up to do before becoming the wife and mom that she sometimes wants to be. Case in point: she sort of wants to have a baby, but really doesn’t want to have a baby because she fears getting fat. Even postpartum twiggy Snooki has to roll her eyes at that one and calls her friend out for it, telling her she’s selfish and not ready for a baby. 

But JWOWW has another plan: adopt. Maybe she and Roger can fit that in after a couples’ therapy session? 

To be truthful, I respect Jenni immensely for wanting to adopt. I respect Roger even more for not being too keen on the idea — he’d like to first try for biological children — but for being such a good fiance that he does some research into the matter.

But guys, aren’t we putting the cart before the horse here? You still have major issues — well, JWOWW does anyway — that you’re trying to work out in therapy.

Ah well, maybe a relaxing afternoon of wedding dress shopping with Snooki will take Jenni’s mind off of things. Except not really, it only makes matters more confusing because JWOWW tries on her dream…………… continues on The Stir

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Whitney Port Is Getting Married! Let’s Pick Out Her Wedding Dress
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Whitney Port and her producer beau, Tim Rosenman.
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OMG. Looks like yet another former Hills star can take “engagement ring” off their Christmas list this year. Reality star-turned-designer Whitney Port (who’s been through her fair share of some very public dating disasters) just got engaged to her producer beau of two years, Tim Rosenman, who she met on the set of her Hills spin-off, The City. We’re really happy for them and we’re gonna let them finish celebrating, but we are DYING to ge…………… continues on MTV.com

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Miss Manners: Couple forgoes wedding presents for house upgrades instead
News from Washington Post:

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I saw a post on social media that was a link to a Web site for friends to donate to a couple who recently bought a house. This couple justified this by writing they were never going to have a wedding and suggested people think of the savings of not having to purchase formal wear to attend a wedding. Instead, they are asking for donations to purchase things and make upgrades on their new home.

I know my feelings on the subject, but was curious how Miss Manners feels about this request.

GENTLE READER: Really? You can’t guess Miss Manners’s feelings about this?

Chiefly she feels that it must be hard to resist telling them, “That’s very considerate, but you needn’t have worried about me. I wouldn’t have gone to your wedding anyway.”

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a college student studying abroad on a budget in London, a very expensive city. I’d love to bring home gifts for many of my friends and family, but feel that it isn’t financially feasible to do so for more than a few people.

Should I buy gifts only for my closest friends, not all of whom have gotten me gifts when they went abroad? Buy something small and affordable for a wider circle of people?

Should I bother buying gifts if the only affordable ones I can find are cliche touristy gifts (mugs or clothes with “London” emblazoned on them), rather than…………… continues on Washington Post

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Anna Webb: No wedding presents for them — this couple gives to charity instead
News from The Idaho Statesman:

The Idaho State Department of Education is making $ 1.5 million in grants available to afterschool enrichment programs for kids across the state. The local workshop to learn more is Nov. 20 in Boise. See details below.


Joanne Taylor from the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage gave us a heads-up about a local couple who celebrated their wedding by supporting local charities dear to their hearts.

Karen Kolb-Schoeningh is a longtime supporter of the Girl Scouts, so in August, when she married Cliff Schoeningh, she asked that her wedding guests make a donation to the Girl Scouts instead of buying wedding gifts for the couple.

Guests gave more than $ 1,200 — all of which will support local programs.

On a philanthropic mission of his own, Cliff, an avid skier, asked that guests donate to the George Roach scholarship, which helps students in need of financial hel…………… continues on The Idaho Statesman

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