Kidney donation is Glenwood woman’s ultimate wedding gift
News from Glenwood Springs Post Independent:

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ­— April Carver didn’t have to think twice about an early wedding gift for daughter Carolyn and her fiance John Romero — the gift of a healthy life together in the new year.

Carver, who owns and operates the Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs with her husband Steve Carver, recalls having dinner together with the couple last spring when conversation turned to Romero’s eventual need for a kidney transplant.

Romero, 33, from Denver, has suffered from Alport’s Syndrome, a condition that leads to kidney disease, since he was a baby.

He had been on the waiting list for either a cadaver or live kidney donation for nearly three years, and would soon need to start undergoing regular dialysis treatments until a match could be found.

“When he mentioned his blood type (Type O), I thought I might be a match,” April Carver said.

Without telling Romero what she was willing to do, in June she began traveling back and forth to Denver for a series of tests to see if she was a candidate to donate one of her kidneys to her future son-in-law.

“It was kind of a no-brainer when I learned how simple the procedure was and how little effect it would hav…………… continues on Glenwood Springs Post Independent

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Kirby: It’s the thought that counts — if you include a receipt
News from Salt Lake Tribune:

Last week, we bought a wedding gift for the daughter of some friends. Taibree got married four days before Christmas, which has to be the worst time of the year when it comes to buying wedding gifts.

In addition to Christmas being a time when the gift budget for most people has already been squandered, you’re giving gifts to so many people that it’s possible to make a mistake.

Note: What nearly happened was my fault. I wasn’t in the proper mood to celebrate the Lord’s birthday OR a mortal wedding.

After shopping for days, the mood I wanted to be in was “severely intoxicated.” Instead, I was in a “completely sober” mood and wrapping an endless line of presents.

Thanks to me, Taibree almost got a Hot Wheels track and cars for her wedding. That would have been difficult. Harder to explain would have been why Santa saw fit to bring our 6-year-old grandson a crockpot.

Fortunately for both of them, my wife has learned to keep receipts. Wedding, Christmas, birthday — there’s always a chance that you got or gave the wrong thing. If not entirely the wrong thing, then at least not exactly what was needed. You have to plan a way out.

In church after Christmas, Taibr…………… continues on Salt Lake Tribune

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The Rules of Engagement: Surviving Your Wedding Planning
News from Huffington Post:

Congratulations! You got engaged! Woohoo! One of life’s major events and now it’s behind you — well, not exactly.

The ring and the popping of the official question are only the kickoff to what is likely going to be the most memorable year of your life. Memorable for a number of reasons: First, the engagement, then all the well-wishes from those who love you, then planning the wedding, and attending all the parties, brunches, showers and other generously planned events. Finally, you’ll have the big day as your coup de grace and then suddenly, it’s all over except the thank you notes and credit card bills.

Sounds like a lot… because it is. There are too many things going on all at one time for any couple to properly process and handle. It’s puts a lot of stress on the engaged relationship. Regardless, it’s up to you to keep things good and not let all the extraneous bullsh*t push you apart.

Some relationships do not survive this stressful time period. Parties are fun and all, but when you find yourselves having screaming fights over guest lists and hating his or her family even more,…………… continues on Huffington Post

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5 Tips to Improve Your Wedding Planning Security: Keep It Safe From the …
News from Huffington Post:

Attention Brides and Grooms! Serious subject matter here!

I want to talk about SECURITY as it relates to your engagement, wedding planning, wedding weekend, and married life thereafter. Because it all starts the minute you get engaged. As soon as you begin surfing wedding websites and enrolling as a bride on different discussion boards, you’re putting your information out there. That wedding website you will be creating is a giant gaping security hole for a number of reasons I will explain below. And all of the information that you begin disseminating now is going to haunt you forever in the deepest spots on the Internet, so yes, you really do need to stop and think about this.

An absolutely ridiculous amount of information is already available about every single one of us via the Internet. And there are paid sources online that can dig even deeper. It takes next to nothing to get a copy of someone’s credit report, and Social Security numbers are about as “secure” as an old-fashioned soda machine. Identity theft is affecting millions of people annually and if somebody targets you, y…………… continues on Huffington Post

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Kate Bosworth’s Wedding Dress Revealed: See Her 2 Gowns – Hollywood Life
News from Kate Bosworth’s Wedding Dress Revealed: See Her 2 Gowns – Hollywood Life:

Kate Bosworth Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

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‘Wedding Dresses’ exhibit returns to Oaklands
News from The Daily News Journal:

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Cash requests for wedding gifts rise

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Cash requests for wedding gifts rise
News from Grimsby Telegraph:

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CHOOSING a wedding gift for a friend or relative can often be a dilemma, but new research highlights how this is changing amid a trend of couples asking for money not presents.

It might not be prime wedding season at the moment, but the winter months, and the fairytale winter wonderland backdrop that comes with it, are an increasingly popular time for couples to say ‘I do’.

In fact, not long ago, I attended the wedding of two friends. It was a perfect, if chilly, day and it was much enjoyed by all – not much out of the ordinary there.

But one aspect of the wedding was, for me, a bit more unusual – the bride and groom requested cash contributions from their guests, instead of having the standard list of presents.

After a bit of investigation though, I soon discovered that my friends were not alone in their decision, with recent research showing the traditional wedding gift list is generally slipping into decline in favour of cash.

A survey, by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), found that one fifth (21per cent) of over 500 people in the UK who’d ti…………… continues on Grimsby Telegraph

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Phil Robertson Gifts Wife Wedding Ring For Christmas
News from The Hollywood Gossip:

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson exhibited some of the family values that he preaches on Christmas, gifting his wife Miss Kay a wedding ring.

The 67-year-old reality TV star and evangelical Christian has been married to Kay since 1966, but had never gotten her a wedding ring before now.

The couple never had a wedding, either, until the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere this fall. This family moment was captured by Sadie Robertson.

“After 50 years of marriage, Papaw Phil finally gave Mamaw Kay a wedding ring for Christmas,” the duo’s granddaughter tweeted with the photo.

As debate rages throughout the country over Phil Robertson’s suspension over anti-gay comments to GQ, the family seems to be happy as ever.

The family enjoy…………… continues on The Hollywood Gossip

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WeddingWire aims to make the planning process simpler
News from Washington Post:

Step off the elevators on the third floor of Two Wisconsin Circle in Chevy Chase and you might think you’ve been teleported to the heart of Silicon Valley.

The walls are painted bright orange. Fantasy football rankings hang on windows close to a lime green couch. Crowds of stylishly dressed 20-somethings chat over lunch at long tables while a ping-pong ball is swatted back and forth. Nearby is a Zen room for meditation and quiet thinking, and a single executive office where all six of the company’s top managers work side-by-side.

You aren’t in California. But you have arrived at the virtual epicenter of the wedding industry.

WeddingWire Inc. is a seven-year-old company that has quickly become an essential resource for engaged couples and wedding vendors, offering consumer reviews, planning features and technological tools for small businesses. The site’s traffic will spike next month as newly engaged couples start planning their weddings; last January the network logged 40 million total visits. Now with close to 300 employees, it was recently named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 companies as a result of its dramatic growth.

Just don’t expect swaths of tulle and lace to run through the halls…………… continues on Washington Post

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Cheryl Rogers: Wedding planning is on the horizon
News from Livingston Daily:

Happy holiday season!

A few things made my holidays special. The best, of course, was a rare visit from family. As the only sibling without children, I’ve always been the one to travel for holidays. As excited as I was for visitors, I worried about being a good host and keeping my guests entertained.

I found some excellent solutions. The first was to take my brother up on his kind offer to cook the turkey.

The next solution involved lodging. There are limits to the number of people who can share a bath-and-a-half and still like each other four days later. So I did some research and found a website called Vacation Rental by Owner, or In addition to the exciting places you’d expect to find on a site like that, there were lodging options all over this county.

I found a lakefront home a few miles from my house, and reserved it based on the photos and reviews. Once booked, I got the address and drove by. From the driveway, it looked kind of small. However, on the day my family was to arrive, I showed up early to stock food and drink — and happily saw that the house was lovely and comfortable. Although the entry was cozy, the back side was spacious and offered beautiful lake views.

My th…………… continues on Livingston Daily

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Wedding rings dropped into Salvation Army kettle
News from

THE SALVATION ARMYThese two wedding rings were dropped into a donation kettle last month with a two-page letter that requests they be given to a Christian couple in need.

As Salvation Army workers were wrapping up their day at the Biloxi Wal-Mart last month, an older woman with something in her hand walked up to the red kettle which had been left out later than usual.

She was holding a wad of paper and tried to stuff it through the slot on top of the container.

A worker asked her if she needed help and she refused, saying she wanted to do it herself.

The woman succeeded, and the workers saw her get back in her car and drive off.

Turns out, the wad of paper was a two-page handwritten letter containing two brand-new wedding rings.

“Perhaps there is a young man the Salvation Army knows of who wishes to marry, but being of modest income cannot afford a big diamond,” the letter began. “If the young lady of his dreams is of good character, the size of the diamond doesn’t count. True love is what really matters.”

The letter, though, had some stipulations.

“Perhaps the Salvation Army knows of a Christian couple wishing to make a commitment — for life — to each other. If so, please give these rings to that special young man for his bride.”

Inspired by the ac…………… continues on

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LeAnn Rimes Wedding Ring Mystery Solved: Compulsive Liar Exposed (PHOTOS)
News from Celebrity Dirty Laundry:

If you haven’t been following the mystery of LeAnn Rimes’ missing wedding ring let me bring you up to speed. The last time she was spotted wearing her original diamond wedding ring was in September while overseas. It was during this same trip that she injured her left hand when she punched a wall or a weight fell on it. She said her finger was broken then she said her hand was broken, but it all seemed very suspect because she was spotted using that very hand in ways that would be impossible if it was broken. Her hand was clearly bruised in some kind of accident, but I highly doubt it was ever broken – and this part of the story is important because she used her “broken hand/finger” as her excuse for not wearing her ring.

Nearly three mo…………… continues on Celebrity Dirty Laundry

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Wedding Planner & Guide bridal show set January 11, 12 at Alliant Center
News from

Because Christmas and New Year’s are one of the most popular occasions for marriage proposals, newly betrothed couples will be sure to attend the bridal event of the year: The Wedding Planner & Guide Bridal Show taking place on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 11 and 12, 2014.

Attendees will enjoy a show filled with the freshest wedding styles, helpful planning tips, and even a chance to win a prize package of wedding services worth thousands of dollars.

This year’s show at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall features an added 10,000 sq. ft. for a total of 85,000 sq. ft. of vendor space.

That, coupled with additional space in the lobby replete with gorgeous and inspirational bridal displays, makes the Wedding Planner & Guide Bridal Show one of the largest wedding events in the Midwest and the nation. Over 200 vendors will be on-hand to help brides and grooms plan their perfect wedding. Exhibitors include bridal & formal wear retailers, caterers, florists, bakers, jewelers, videographers, musicians, travel agents, photographers, stationers and more.

Inspiration abounds: Couples will enjoy a myriad of beautifully coordinated reception tables that showcase all the latest design trends and offer brides an abundance of planning ideas.

Also inspiring is a separate…………… continues on

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Bride-To-Be Stabs Allegedly Stabs Fiance After Wedding Planning Argument
News from The Inquisitr:

A bride-to-be took a stab at wedding planning as it were, which sent the groom-to-be to the hospital on Christmas night.

The South Carolina couple got into an argument over the color scheme for their upcoming wedding, according to police., Channel 10, reported that a Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that “the man tried to leave the home and that’s when 34-year-old Krysta James stabbed the victim.”

The would-be groom received treatment for a stab wound to the chest. The injury was non-life threatening, fortunately.

The suspect was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and was released yester…………… continues on The Inquisitr

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Utah County couple who threatened lawsuit plan wedding
News from Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah County » Lehi women say clerk “invited us down” to get license; they invited him to nuptials.

Two Lehi women are planning their wedding less than a week after taking legal action against Utah County for its refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Shelly Eyre said she and her longtime partner, Cheryl Haws, received a phone call from County Clerk Bryan Thompson on Thursday morning, notifying them that the county would grant them a marriage license — five days after a federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriage.

“He called us just before their office opened and invited us down,” Eyre said.

Now the couple are inviting Thompson to their wedding.

In a video posted Thursday, Eyre and Haws announced plans for a New Year’s Eve wedding on the steps of the city and county building in Provo.

“We thought we would invite [Thompson] to attend our ceremony,” Eyre said, “and while we’re doing that, let’s invite everyone.”

The couple have not…………… continues on Salt Lake Tribune

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Wedding planning ends with woman in jail, fiance in hospital
News from

COLUMBIA, S.C., Dec. 27 (UPI) – A South Carolina man is in the hospital and his fiancee in jail after police say she stabbed him in a disagreement about what colors should be in their wedding.

Police said the couple got into an argument Christmas Day at an apartment in Blythewood, WLTX-TV, Columbia, reported Thursday.

When the man attempted to leave, police said Krysta James, 34, stabbed him in the upper body.

She was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence.

The man received non-life-threatening injuries.

© 2013 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI’s prior written consent.

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Opposition: Scottish government nee…………… continues on

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Wedding rings donated to Salvation Army spark contest
News from WHAS (subscription):

by ABC News

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 11:21 AM

(ABC News) — A mysterious woman’s Salvation Army donation of two wedding rings wrapped in a letter about true love has led to a contest looking to find a deserving couple who will win the rings and a wedding.

A mother and daughter who are Salvation Army employees were working the kettle drive at a Walmart in Biloxi, Miss., Nov. 29 when an older woman approached the red bucket with something in her hand, according to ABC News Biloxi affiliate WLOX-TV.

“She stuffed the paper into the kettle, working hard because the paper was so big,” daughter Jessica Riddle told WLOX. “I asked if she wanted help, but she said no. That she wanted to do it on her own.”

The women were curious to know what had been dropped in the bucket. As the kettles were counted later that evening, they found the tightly folded and tap…………… continues on WHAS (subscription)

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Rudolph (not the one you think) arrested in alleged wedding ring theft, Kenner …
News from

Five days before Christmas, Kenner Police put a Rudolph in handcuffs for allegedly stealing a pair of wedding rings. The suspect wasn’t the red-nosed reindeer famed for leading Santa’s sleigh, but a Kenner man who cops say announced his intentions before taking off with the jewelry.

Jeffery Rudolph, 42, paid a visit to the Esplanade Mall, 1401 West Esplanade Ave., Kenner on Nov. 23, where he asked to peruse several items from the jewelry case at Macy’s, said Sgt. Brian McGregor, spokesman for the Kenner Police.

A sales associate obliged and handed Rudolph two white gold wedding bands valued at about $ 3,000, McGregor said.

Once he had the rings in hand, Rudolph announced, “I’m-a run out and take it,” the report said.

And Rudolph did just that, according to McGregor. He fled the store with both rings before the sales associate could react. Rudolph drove off in a Red Honda Accord, police said.

Kenner detectives working with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Intelligence Center investigated the case along with several similar t…………… continues on

… Read the full article


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