Wedding Planning? Say ‘I Do’ at a County Park in Ramona
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Dos Picos County Park in Ramona is one of 16 park locations in San Diego County available for weddings.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something – green.

The color describes some locations, but couples may also save a little green by holding their dream weddingsat a County park. Beautiful indoor and outdoor settings start at an affordable $ 150 and range upward depending on the park, the amenities and the hours used for the ceremonies.

Want something old? Heritage Park features several restored Victorian homes. Or consider the historic ranch houses at Rancho Guajome Adobe or Los Peñasquitos Canyon.

Something new? A new wedding gazebo is now available at Flinn Springs County Park. The romantic venue is ADA accessible and features lighting for early evening weddings. The Waterfront Park at the County Administration Center downtown is still under construction, but come summer, Parks will take reservations for wedding venues there, too.

Something borrowed? Sylvia Bugiel will lend an ear to any questions you might have about a wedding at a County park. She sets up hundreds each year and has the scoop on where to find pavilions, indoor…………… continues on

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Seamstress Keeps Busy in the Heat of Prom, Wedding Planning Season
News from WSAW:

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Wedding planner shares visions at bridal workshop
News from Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era:

Since starting her wedding planning business eight years ago, Visions by Debra, Debra Harris has been surprised by many of the questions brides-to-be ask when they want to plan their own weddings.

“There are brides out there who cannot afford to have a wedding planner and we thought having this workshop might be a way for them to get a good start on planning their wedding,” Harris said. “I hear from vendors who don’t have planners how bad it is for the couple to not have things in place.”

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Wedding planning: flowers, catering and… social media? –
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Port Authority offering weekend ferry service while PATH is repaired

Port Authority offering weekend ferry service while PATH is repaired

Saturday, March 29 2014 9:08 PM EDT2014-03-30 01:08:59 GMT

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The Busy Brides Bible for Planning a Fabulous Wedding Without the Expensive Cost of a Wedding Planner
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Wedding dress drive nets over 1000 donations, each with stories of love and loss
News from WFAA:



Posted on March 27, 2014 at 10:37 PM

Updated yesterday at 4:51 PM

DALLAS — From the trunks of cars and down the streets of downtown Dallas, hundreds came to WFAA’s Young Street studios with boxes and bags filled with a piece of their hearts.

“My cousin died when he was a baby, so I thought it was a perfect cause,” one woman said.

“We’re donating this from Teresa Bishop. She passed away in January,” said Bishop’s brother.

They all carried wedding dresses, which will be transformed into tiny “angel gowns,” destined for babies that never make it home from the hospital. NICU Helping Hands of Fort Worth uses volunteer seamstresses to fill orders for hospitals. The need is far greater than it should be.

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Kelly Rowland dishes on ‘very mellow’ wedding planning
News from Wonderwall:

Wonderwall, Friday, March 28, 2014, 1:54pm (PDT)

By Jessica Wedemeyer

No bridezilla here! Kelly Rowland may be gearing up for her wedding to fiance Tim Witherspoon, but so far the Destiny’s Child alum has been “very mellow” about the stressful process of wedding planning, she tells Wonderwall. The singer also dished on her decision to chop her long locks, why she wants to look more like Jessica Biel, why Jennifer Lopez is one of her favorite fashion icons and more while promoting the Caress #CaressMe campaign. Keep reading for the highlights or watch the full interview above.

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Would you hire a social media wedding planner for your big day?
News from WXYZ:

(WXYZ) – Wedding planning is going high tech. 

One new service offered at certain New York hotels wants to make sure your nuptials make a splash on social media. 

We’re talking about wedding selfie stations, updated Facebook statuses and dedicated hashtags for your big day.

W Hotels in New York are now offering social media wedding planning services for their brides-to-be.

The luxury hotel chain says a social media concierge will be involved in every step of the planing process, helping to build a social media footprint for the client’s big day.

The chain says that brides have even asked what they could do to have their wedding trend.

From documenting the engagement via Facebook to creating wedding hashtags to making sure Instagram is full of pics of you walking down the aisle—the concierge will be all over it.

One of their duties even includes making you a dream honeymoon board on Pinterest. 

But don’t think a wedding showcase on social media will be cheap, the service will run couples a cool $ 3,000.

File that one under the #expensivewedding.

Do you think this service will take off everywhere? Comment in the section below. 

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Hundreds of wedding dresses donated in ‘angel gown’ campaign
News from WFAA:


Posted on March 26, 2014 at 7:07 PM

Updated yesterday at 9:36 PM

The response has been overwhelming to a call for wedding dresses that can be re-purposed as “angel gowns” for babies who never make it home from the hospital.

WFAA launched a collection drive on Monday in the wake of a story broadcast last week about volunteers who are creating the gowns.

Each of the donated wedding dresses comes with a special story, of course. One recent bride handed over her dress in tears, saying she knew that this was to be its destiny.

Donors are welcome to keep a section of their treasured heirloom for themselves.

  • Click here to donate or to contact NICU Helping Hands
  • Click here to volunteer to sew
  • GOWN DRIVE MARC…………… continues on WFAA

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Loving hands transform wedding gowns into Angel Gowns
News from Elk Valley Times:

Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 10:13 am


staff writer


Joy Rodriguez carefully begins to disassemble an exquisite wedding gown, a gown that symbolized love, happiness and hope. The purpose of taking apart this beautiful gown is bittersweet, for this gown and many others that are donated to the NICU Helping Hands’ Angel Gowns Program will be made into beautiful burial gowns for premature infants who lost their struggle for life. A thread of love ties the wedding dresses and burial gowns together.

The Angel Gowns Program is just one arm of the bereavement services provided by NICU Helping Hands, an organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. This non-profit organization is a hospital-based program that expands the support services and level of education provided to parents and other family members affected by the hospitalization of a newborn in the NICU.

These support components include parent support and education, sibling support, hospital to home preparation, memory archiving, antepartum support, transport support, and bereavement.

Joy’s daughter Lisa and son-i…………… continues on Elk Valley Times

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DAPENE Latest White Sleeveless Lace Beading Wedding Dress Wedding Gown Custom Size
Fabric: Taffeta and 2040 organza Or Ice Yarn and 395 Satin Style/Silhouette: Wedding gown Silhouette: Mermaid & Trumpet Embellishm…
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Wedding dresses turned into ‘angel gowns’ for babies who never make it home
News from KHOU:



Posted on March 25, 2014 at 12:03 PM

Updated yesterday at 12:03 PM

FORT WORTH — It’s not a bride who will be wearing any of the wedding gowns gathered by Lisa Grubbs, but a baby.

Each donated dress is being transformed into angel gowns for babies who never make it home from the hospital.

“There’s something hopeful about that start of life, about a wedding, and to me, it’s that full circle,” said Grubbs, founder of NICU Helping Hands. “This child who is so loved by its parents, being wrapped in love by a bride.”

Lisa Grubbs is the wife of a specialist for premature babies. She and her husband believe the passing of a child is a sacred event that should be honored. It’s one reason she started NICU Helping Hands, a Fort Worth organization created to support parents both educationally and emotionally.

One of their missions is t…………… continues on KHOU

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Wedding dresses needed for display
News from St. George Daily Spectrum: