‘Mom, It’s MY Wedding!’ Is an Honest, Comic Take on Planning the Big Day
News from Dan’s Papers:

January 28, 2015 by Brendan J. O’Reilly

Planning a wedding is a life event that proves you can please some people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Of course, the woman’s happiness who matters most is the one who calls it the most important day of her life. And that woman is the Bride—or is it the Mother of the Bride?

Mom, It’s MY Wedding!, the second play from writing team Ilene Beckerman and Michael Disher, explores this question in a comic and heartfelt way that has the audience alternately laughing and tearing up.

Characters are unnamed but their roles are clear: The Brides take a back seat, literally, to the Mothers.

Sometimes there’s a mother-daughter interaction. Other times the Mothers talk with each other—and with the audience—as if over coffee. And then there are the monologues from Bride and Mother alike. Anyone who’s been involved, even tangentially, in wedding planning can understand and find humor in the conflicts that arise.

The rotating cast includes four Brides and four Mothers, plus the Father of the Bride. Tom Gregory, the only permanent cast member during the three-week premiere run at Southampton Cultural Center, plays Duane, the wedding planner who…………… continues on Dan’s Papers

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WATCH: Florida Wedding Planner Can’t and Won’t Work with Lesbian Couple
News from Advocate.com:

‘Due to my strong personal belief I do not feel comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples,’ the planner wrote. She also told the couple she was already booked for their requested date.

Wedding planner Lana Rusev

In turning down a lesbian couple’s request for help planning a wedding, the owner of Simply Elegant Wedding Planning in Jacksonville, Fla., could have stopped after saying she was overbooked for the date they wanted, October 30. But she didn’t.

“After checking our booked events I have discovered that we are booked on the 30th & 31st and unfortunately are not able to take additional events for the weekend,”Lana Rusev wrote to the couple, Melissa and Jennifer McCord. “Also, due to my strong personal belief I do not feel comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples. I hope you understand and not take this personally. I am really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.”

Melissa McCord posted the letter on social media, leading to a barrage of negative comments on Simply Elegant’s Face…………… continues on Advocate.com

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A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration
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The Wedding Planner & Organizer
Weddings require organization, record-keeping, legwork, logistics. In other words, a planner. From the celebrity wedding planner a…

Annabelle Events recognized for wedding planning services
News from Columbia Business Times:

Love is in the air for one local event and wedding planning company. For the second year in a row, Annabelle Events, located in Columbia, has snagged a national award in recognition of their wedding planning services. WeddingWire.com, the web’s largest marketplace in connecting merchants, event planners and engaged couples, has awarded Annabelle Events a 2015 Couples’ Choice Award.

The WeddingWire network highlights 200,000 wedding professionals throughout North America and abroad and contains more than one million business reviews. Reviews on WeddingWire include everything from florists to disc jockeys. The prestigious Couples’ Choice Award recognizes the top five percent of local wedding professionals, based on extensive surveys and reviews done by more than one million newlyweds. According to WeddingWire, award winners demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

“It’s always exciting to start the year by honoring the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who represent more than two million reviews on our website,” said Timothy Chi, the CEO of WeddingWire. “Each of the businesses recognized are committed to quality, professionalism and all around top-notch service. We applaud AnnaBelle Events for their impressive achievements within the wedding industry.”

Other winners dominating the We…………… continues on Columbia Business Times

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Sofia Vergara planning autumn wedding
News from Contactmusic.com:

by Clive King | Movies / TV / Theatre | 27 January 2015

Tags: Sofia Vergara – Joe Manganiello – Reese Witherspoon

continues on Contactmusic.com

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4 Oxford Stores to Shop for Your Southern Wedding
News from HottyToddy.com:

All the brides and beaus are in planning mode for the 2015 wedding season, and Oxford has a few great local shops with bridal registries for all those burlap table runners, sterling serving pieces and everything else Southern.

Olive Juice Gifts

Featured in this month’s Mississippi magazine located on the historic Square is Olive Juice gifts. The most popular for brides are gift baskets and presents for the guests and bridesmaids alike. A bride can find anything and everything monogrammed. For the bride’s new monogram, she is able to choose from burlap and stone coasters, hand towels, picture frames, burlap table runners and lazy susans all at very affordable prices.

Located at 305 South Lamar Boulevard. For more, call (662) 259-2696.

Katherine Beck

A bride-to-be herself, Mary Katherine Perry’s store Katherine Beck on the Square boasts a unique, timeless and custom array of gifts fit for a registry. One of a kind gifts that stand out are her wed…………… continues on HottyToddy.com

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Ask Amy: Affair leads to marriage, awkward wedding
News from Arizona Daily Star:

DEAR AMY: One of my female family members — unmarried and in her 50s — recently disclosed to our large family that she has been having an affair with a married man for 30-plus years. They met while she was in college (he worked at her university), and he has one adult daughter. He is in his 70s.

Her announcement was prompted by the recent death of his wife. Now they are public about their relationship, attending family weddings, sending gifts, etc., as a couple.

Shortly after their relationship became known openly, she announced that they were engaged. Their wedding and her bridal shower are both being planned. My family and I have already been asked to save the dates.

She is an adult and is free to make her own choices; it’s really none of my business. My dilemma is this: I do not want to be a part of the shower or the wedding. I feel that while the intent is for these events to be a celebration, they are a disrespectful spectacle; their infidelity is now public only because his wife has passed away.

I don’t want to take a dramatic stance in any of this. I just want to avoid it altogether. Any suggestions? — Disapproving

DEAR DISAPPROVING: If you want to avoid drama, then you should also avoid harsh judgment. If it is possible for you to forgive your relative for her decades-long i…………… continues on Arizona Daily Star

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Wedding planner: I will stand my ground and not be bullied
News from OneNewsNow:

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Wedding planning: Less time worrying means more time enjoying
News from Fall River Spirit:

Since it usually takes a lot of time and hard work to plan the perfect wedding, it may be in a couple’s best interest to hire a full service wedding planner to organize the event on their behalf. After all, a couple’s special day only comes once and less time worrying about the details means more time spent enjoying the milestone moment in time.

Wendy Joblon, founder and owner of Wendy Joblon Events of South Dartmouth, has over 20-years of experience in planning weddings. As a full service wedding planner, Joblon lives up to her reputation of creating personalized wedding experiences that are carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

“I help make the couple’s vision for their wedding come to fruition,” said Joblon, who typically plans between 12 and 15 weddings per year in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as bar mitzvahs and other events. “I put it all together for them and make sure everything is done to perfection on their wedding day.”

Joblon said that once she is contacted by a prospective client, she immediately sets up a consultation meeting to discuss the type of wedding the couple wants.

“I talk to them about their vision for their wedding, budget and…………… continues on Fall River Spirit

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Ideas for wedding planning

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Ideas for wedding planning
News from Bay Net:

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Ensuring that things go smoothly on this day should be the priority of every bride. The key to a flawless wedding day is proper wedding planning. What is wedding planning? This all-encompassing term simply means that you plan for everything that should happen on your wedding day, and you plan to avoid everything that should not happen. There are thousands of things to consider, from the color theme of your wedding to the travel arrangements of your guests. Some brides thrive on actively participating in every aspect of the planning of their wedding, while others prefer to delegate many tasks to a professional wedding planner.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Regardless of whether you intend to plan every aspect of your nuptials, or whether you wish to use the services of a wedding planner, you should at least be aware of the key elements that need to be planned for your wedding day. Here is a checklist for wedding planning and a guide for selecting necessary wedding vendors.


From wedding invitations to napkins, there are many pieces of stationary that will need to be matched to your wedding color theme or printed with your nuptial details. Following are some of the important stationary you need to plan for your special day.

  • An…………… continues on Bay Net

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Tips to kick start your wedding planning
News from Bay Net:

If you have experience with project planning in a professional sense at your employment then you should treat the planning of your wedding no different. Wedding Planning is a must for small or big weddings – perhaps it’s more critical to plan out your wedding for the large weddings for everything to run smoothly on the day.

A Big or Small Wedding?

First of all, you should have a general number of guests you would like to invite. This will determine everything else you do in your wedding planning. Do you want a small cozy wedding or a large wedding gathering? Is it what you want or what your parents or in-laws want? Is it within your budget? Once you answer these questions your wedding planning has now been kick started.

Assign Tasks

In a project situation, it is important to delegate tasks and so in your wedding planning you need to determine who will be responsible for certain aspects of your wedding. For example you may want to designate responsibility of handling of catering for yourself while delegating the responsibility of the wedding music or entertainment to your partner.

Wedding Budget

A commercial project always has a profit and loss statement and a budget. A wedding plan profits when you succeed and you lose when everything falls apart – you don’t want the latter to…………… continues on Bay Net

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Carolyn Hax: Old wedding rings become a problem
News from The Idaho Statesman:

Dear Carolyn: My mother gave me her old wedding rings when I married my first husband. I wore them until he died, and for some time after. I am now remarried, and the rings are put away. Twice now my mother has offered these rings to other family members who are planning weddings. The first time she did it, I said no, that the rings still meant a lot to me. She recently called and asked if I would give them to my niece who just announced her engagement. Again, I said no. I guess she thinks the rings are still hers to give.

I may want to give them to my own daughter someday (she is 24). The problem is it makes me feel bad to keep saying no, even though I know I would feel worse if I said yes. I have very few keepsakes from my first husband, who died too soon. What do you think? Is it wrong to hold on to them?


Her request is so bizarre that my brain actually changed your mother into your mother-in-law, as in, your late husband’s mother, and I got as far as mentally formulating an answer to that scenario.

That at least made sense, since it’s common and understandable for people to want heirlooms to return to the family of origin in the event of divorce or death.

What your mother is doing is just bizarre; you’re as family-of-origin as a person gets. The rings are yours to hold on to for however long you want and for whatever rea…………… continues on The Idaho Statesman

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Highlands Ranch woman inadvertently donates wedding ring, other jewelry to …
News from The Denver Channel:

A local woman says she made a donation to Goodwill but a jewelry box was accidentally in the items donated. The box contains both her and her daughter’s wedding rings.


…………… continues on The Denver Channel
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Women – Size 7 – KONOV Jewelry Mens Womens Hearte Stainless Steel Promise Ring Couples Wedding Bands
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Wedding Planner Goes Out Of Her Way To Tell Couple She Does ‘Not Feel …
News from ThinkProgress:

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 9:13 am Updated: January 22, 2015 at 8:54 am

Wedding Planner Goes Out Of Her Way To Tell Couple She Does ‘Not Feel Comfortable’ Helping Them

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Beijersbergen

Having been together for four years, Melissa McCord and her partner did not waste time taking advantage of Florida’s marriage equality, marrying on January 10. Still, the Jacksonville mothers of two wanted to plan a nice formal ceremony to share with family and friends and sought out a wedding planner. Lana Rusev of Simply Elegant Wedding Planning wrote back to them that she was already booked for the weekend they wanted, but bothered to add, “Due to my strong personal belief I do not feel comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples. I hope you understand and not take this personally.”

Of course, McCord did take it personally. “Just send me an email and let me know you were o…………… continues on ThinkProgress

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Annual bridal show to simplify wedding planning
News from Schenectady Gazette:

Mary Lou Aragosa of Ferri Formal & Bridal of Schenectady talks with a potential customer at the Bridal Show at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga Spa State Park on Jan. 26, 2014. At right is Tami Seaver of Ferri Formal.

— Once you’ve decided to get married, there are all sorts of other decisions to make.

Where will the ceremony and celebration take place? Who will take the pictures, make the cake and arrange the flowers? There’s attire to consider, along with music, jewelry and food. The list goes on.

It can get overwhelming, but here’s a way to simplify the process: Attend The Capital Region’s Premier Bridal Show Extravaganza on Sunday. The event, presented by The Daily Gazette, will take place from noon to 4 p.m. at the Hall of Springs and the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa in Saratoga Springs.

The largest show in the event’s 15-year history, it will feature 138 wedding professionals ranging from bakers to videographers, including 33 reception venues and caterers.

The first step in wedd…………… continues on Schenectady Gazette

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Grooms get petrol as wedding gift

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Grooms get petrol as wedding gift
News from The Nation:

In place of fuel-starved vehicles, Tongas or horse-carts are being used in weddings due to week-long non-availability of petrol and diesel while petrol is given to new couples as wedding gifts.
As the petrol paucity could not halt the weddings, the grooms reached the wedding places on decorated Tongas by removing all the hurdles. In Sialkot, the Baraat of Muhammad Ehsan went to the outskirts of Pasrur on horse-carts. The family said that the wedding guests including groom had to go to the wedding spot in horse-carts due to non-availability of petrol. “We could not expect petrol crisis while fixing the date of wedding,” they said. Meanwhile, the bride’s cousins gave two bottles of patrol to the groom as wedding gift.
Also Cantt-based Aamir Sheikh’s Baraat left for Gujranwala on Tongas due to non-availability of petrol for the wedding vehicles.
His family said that they found Tonga as the best solution to the critical situation caused by the petrol paucity. “Thus, we managed Tongas from the rural areas of Sialkot districts for the wedding,” they said.
Meanwhile, a large number of the people including women and children remained stranded at the bus stops due to non-availability of the public service transport followed by petrol paucity in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils. Women were also found cursing the government for remaining una…………… continues on The Nation

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The words Mr. right and Mrs. always right are embroidered in black on these white pillowcases, making a humorous gift for newlywed…

Responses pour in after lost ring found

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Responses pour in after lost ring found
News from 9NEWS.com:

Woman finds wedding rings in truck stop parking lot. 9NEWS at 9 p.m. 01/12/15.

Steve Staeger, KUSA 10:22 p.m. MST January 13, 2015

876 continues on 9NEWS.com

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Tulsa dog eats $ 23000 worth of wedding rings
News from KOKI FOX 23:

TULSA, Okla. —

One Tulsa family learned Wednesday that their dog has an expensive taste in treats.
The Lab pup ate her owner’s engagement ring and wedding band worth $ 23,000.
“I saw my dogs near the coffee table and remembered I’d left my wedding rings sitting on the table last night,” said Stephanie Lamb.
Sierra the dog had a successful emergency surgery to remove the rings from her stomach.
“I knew it was Sierra because she’s just a little bit of a troublemaker,” Lamb said.
Dr. Rodney Robards, of the Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, performed the surgery. He said waiting for the rings to come out naturally would have been a risky option because of the damage that could have been done to her intestines.
“She eats more than rings, I’m afraid. There were some rocks in there and some sticks or maybe bones,” Robards said.
Sierra went home with a clean stomach and Lamb went home with her rings. Lamb’s son, Brody Lamb, was relieved.
“(I thought) that my mom and dad weren’t married anymore,” Brody Lamb said when he learned the rings had been eaten.
Sierra will need a few days to recover but then she’ll be fine.

…………… continues on KOKI FOX 23
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Planning the perfect wedding for less

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Planning the perfect wedding for less
News from KPRC Houston:


With careful planning and budget savvy tricks, anyone can have a stylish wedding that doesn’t break the bank.

On average, families and couples shell out $ 30,000 for weddings, not including the rings and honeymoon. So when it comes to planning, having a clear idea of the budget is essential.

“Don’t have a wedding that you can’t afford,” said David Caruso, spokesperson for the National Association for Catering and Events.

Instead, couples should pick the items that are the most important to them—whether it’s food, décor, entertainment, flowers or photography.

“Make those signature statement pieces shine at your wedding,” Caruso explained.

One way to save big is to downsize alcohol expenses, by going with one or two designer drinks as opposed to an open bar.

“Guests will love it,” Caruso said. “You are giving them some neat and exciting beverages at your wedding.”

And let flowers do double duty. Use arrangements at both the church and reception. Also look for arrangements that are in season, with succulents or other plantable flowers.

Of course, the cake is the showstopper of the reception. Caruso suggests getting the look of a grand-scale, multi-tiered confection at a fraction of the cost by faking a few layers with decorated Styrofoam and suppleme…………… continues on KPRC Houston

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