Gay Couple Still Manage To Have White Wedding Dresses On Their Big Day
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Deri Rogers and his boyfriend Ben Wood aren’t much for doing drag, but they still wanted a white wedding gown at their recent nuptials. So they decided to ask their bridesmaids—all ten of them—to wear wedding dresses in lieu of the usual tacky bridesmaid frock.

“Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal” Rogers, 28, told Wales Online. “[But] I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress—so why not ten?”

Each woman found her own dress on eBay, and was able to pick something she’d probably never wear on her own wedding day (and for a fraction of the cost).

“You could say the girls stole the limelight but we wouldn’t have had it any other way,” says Rogers.

Deri and Ben’s best “man” Sadie introduced the pair back in 2013, but Deri admits “nothing really came” of their first date. Months later they got back in touch and things spar…………… continues on NewNowNext

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