Meet the Woman Who Knows Everything About Planning Your Wedding
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The idea came about back in 2010, when Khalil felt overwhelmed helping plan her sister Leila’s wedding. Although the siblings worked together at Leila’s bridal publicity firm, Be Inspired PR, they were still at a loss when it came to putting together their own event. “If it’s this difficult for my sister, who is very well-connected and in PR and has relationships with designers and planners, what is it like for the average couple?” she said. “I was shocked at how little resources there were.” Khalil, who studied entrepreneurship at USC, set up a domain name — inspired by My Fair Lady — with a note that said “Coming soon. We’re going to be changing the wedding industry.”

The site has since grown to 15 full-time employees, and features inspiration and tips for every wedding event from the rehearsal dinner to the post-wedding brunch. Loverly also runs a shop with commerce ideas powered by searches from the site’s users, who tend to be women (89% of users are female) between 25 and 34 — half of whom are engaged brides-to-be. This summer, Khalil published The Loverly Wedding Planner, a comprehensive workbook that breaks do…………… continues on Racked

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