Federal drug investigation leads to wedding dress bargains
News from WSB Atlanta:

Some happy brides are counting up their savings Wednesday afternoon.
Channel 2′s Linda Stouffer explains how a federal drug investigation is leading to wedding-dress bargains.
Bride Jackie Crenshaw feels like royalty with the price of her dream dress.
“All of them I looked at are $ 175,” Crenshaw said.
Even though many retail for almost $ 2,000, all these white and cream beauties are less than $ 200 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building in downtown Atlanta.
The dresses were seized from a shop during a drug money laundering investigation.
“You can’t beat this — $ 175. These dresses are like a thousand dollars are more,” Crenshaw said.
Bride-to-be Shawn Whitman fell in love — twice.
“You’re buying two?” Stouffer asked.
“Yes, for the price of $ 175 you can get two,” Whitman said.
Kevin Stallings, General Services Administration, told Stouffer the wedding planning is good for taxpayers, too, since the money goes back to the U.S. Marshals Service.
The special sale goes through Friday.
Crenshaw is saying “I do” to embroidered flowers, sparkles and more savings than she expected.
“I’m ecstatic that I came,” Crenshaw said.

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