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Bridesmaids (how to select, and their dress, flower, accessory etc)

Bridesmaids play an indispensable part in a Christian wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the bride’s best friend/s have been donning the role of bridesmaid. Choosing the bridesmaid is completely the prerogative of the bride. The bridesmaids place is one of great honor and privilege since the person closest to the bride would have shared several special moments with her. When the bridesmaid is a childhood friend, the two would have shared similar experiences and some of life’s secrets as well, which makes the entire bridesmaid event a sentimental one. Once the bridesmaids are selected, their dress codes and duties are specified. The dresses, accessories and flowers of the bridesmaids are carefully selected in accordance with the theme of the wedding party and to blend in appropriately with the bride’s dress.

Some useful tips on how to select appropriate dress and accessories for the bridesmaids is given below:



The style and color combination of a bridesmaids dress should contrast perfectly with the wedding dress, invitations and the flower decorations. The bridesmaid’s gown should also be a contrast to the brides dress in order to accentuate the beauty of the bride’s attire and lend it an elegant outlook. Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding on the color, design, style and the pattern of the dress. An important one is whether the bridesmaid is an adult or a child because the dress pattern and style will be different in each case. The color of the dress is determined keeping in mind the bridesmaid’s skin color, hair color and physical stature. The time of the year when the wedding is to be held is taken into consideration while deciding the dress material. A summer wedding would require light cotton material whereas in winters, a thicker material is preferred.


The accessories worn by the bridesmaid are in accordance with the dress chosen for the event. The color and the design of the dress are to be complemented by the jewelry. For instance, in the case of a Hawaiian theme wedding, the accessories will mainly comprise of colorful flowers and ornaments made out of seashells. Whereas in a church setting, the accessories will be either conventional stone jewelry or sophisticated designer ornaments. The setting of the venue and the bridesmaid’s dress also have to be taken into account while choosing the accessories. It is important to emphasize that the focus of the wedding is always the bride and hence the bridesmaids’ jewelry cannot be flashier or more pompous than that of the bride.


Flowers make a distinct statement during occasions such as weddings. They not only give the entire event a beautiful glow but also soothe the environment and provide a pleasant feel to everyone present. The bridesmaids always carry a bouquet of flowers with them when they make an entry at the start of the ceremony. These flowers are selected in harmony with their dress color and the wedding theme. The flowers are used not just for decorating the venue but also for gracing the bridesmaid’s hairdo and as a part of their ornamental attire. Flowers that correspond to the color of the bridesmaid’s dress highlight her special status at the ceremony.

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