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One of the most important elements accentuating the beauty of your wedding day is the decoration of the wedding flowers. No wedding is ever complete without the presence of flowers, which not only contribute to a decorative and colorful ambience but also stands for the new beginning, life, growth and rebirth. Wedding flowers also serve as a conversation starter and are deeply connected to the wedding moments when you look back with nostalgia. It is not necessary that you always have to opt for costly flowers and elaborate arrangements. For those who want to keep it low and economical, there are plenty of options to keep it beautiful and yet within the budget. While planning for a wedding, you may even choose a theme or color to match with the perfect floral combinations. Be it a large arch or a beautiful centerpiece, flowers can speak volumes for all that your wedding stands for and charm your guests with their welcoming color, fragrance and warmth.


Choosing the Flowers

Although it is a common trend to prefer roses for wedding decoration, other flowers such as dahlias, tulips, orange blossoms, sunflowers, violets, daffodils and orchids can be equally beautiful and used effectively for decorating the venue. Depending on the theme of your marriage, choose the flowers and their colors to blend seamlessly with the environment and the message they are meant to convey. You may use both local and seasonal flowers before deciding on the size and shape of the flower décor. Those with a medium budget should check out the local stores instead of reputed florists, who usually charge much higher than the former. You might also use artificial silk flowers for centerpieces; these are cheaper than real flowers and yet impart a ‘fresh forever’ look. You may refer to various magazines or websites that can help you get an idea about modern trends in floral decorations. Alternatively, you may explore your own imaginative ideas to set the floral mood for your wedding decorations.

Listed below are some of the most common floral decorations used during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are exclusively made for the bride and therefore, they need careful study during the flower selection process. The flowers of the wedding bouquets represent the personality of the bride and the colors of the flowers reflect her individuality while the shapes may be in accordance with the silhouette of her body. The design and shape of the bouquet should accentuate the bride’s charm according to her skin tone, facial features and of course her wedding dress.

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements form an integral part of all kinds of floral decorations, especially when it comes to weddings. While some can be used as door hangers, other arrangements serve as centerpieces and headpieces. The color combination and the size of these flower arrangements can make the wedding decorations look extremely appealing and elegant.


Corsages are a bunch of several small flowers tied together that can be worn on the wrist.


Boutonnieres are worn by the groom and the groomsmen including the ushers and the fathers of the bride and the groom. Small buds of flower are used for preparing the Boutonnieres, which are attached to the left lapel of the jackets.


These special flower decorations are prepared in the shape of ribbons with flowing greens and can be placed at the top, neck or base of multi-armed candlesticks.

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