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Groomsmen (how to select, and their attire, flower)

A groomsman is someone of great importance to the groom. The decision of choosing a groomsman for the big day is a critical decision. He may be a close friend, cousin, brother or father. A groomsman serves as an advisor to the groom prior to the wedding and helps the groom get organized. He also aids with the wedding planning details and helps seat the guests at the ceremony. The groom has to make sure that his groomsman is responsible enough to handle the various duties. Apart from calming down the pre-wedding jitters, the groomsman also helps the groom relax and get dressed on the wedding day. He plays the important role of keeping the groom relaxed and refreshed.

The groomsman goes to all the pre-wedding functions like the engagement parties, the bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner. He is one of the e main organizers for planning and paying for the bachelor party. Along with the bridesmaid, it is the groomsman who helps decorate the getaway car. It is the best man who holds the ring at the wedding ceremony. The best man dances with all the bridesmaids and single female guests at the wedding and helps carry away all the gift articles after the wedding. There are considerable expenses involved in being a best man, including cost of apparel, travel, booking a hotel room, hosting the bachelor party and bug the offer, the groomsman must keep all these expenses in mind.



When it comes to wedding apparel, men certainly have it easier. Once the best man and groomsmen are chosen, their outfits need to be selected. The groomsmen either get measured at a formalwear shop or send their measurements to such a shop. Commonly, the groomsmen wear dark suits with white shirts and black shoes. The groomsman must never wear sneakers with a formal suit. At a black tie affair, the groomsman must always keep his jacket on. Flat-front pants are the latest trend and give the groomsman a classier look.

The groomsman can save money by wearing a suit he already owns or by renting his tuxedo. He can also save a lot by staying with friends instead of a hotel room.


The groom and his entourage will have a choice of selecting boutonnieres of a single flower or two. Boutonnieres provide a finishing touch to the groomsman’s outfit. It is common practice for the bridegroom, best man, ushers, groomsmen and fathers to have boutonnieres. Roses are the most popular for a boutonniere although tulips and orchids are also common. Carnations are also a good choice. It is wise to choose a small to mid sized flower for the boutonniere and keep it moist until it is to be used.

The color of the boutonnieres is chosen to either contrast or complement the color of the outfit. Some couples prefer offering boutonnieres to all the guests who attend the ceremony. It generally adorns the left lapel covering the buttonhole. It can be secured with a pearl-headed pin.

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