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Marriage is a life changing experience for all individuals and hence people tying the knot wish to have the event captured in such a way that they can relive those wonderful moments over and over again. Photography and videography help immortalize the wedding and the reception so that the couple can enjoy their special day several years down the line. To capture those special moments on film, it is essential that a qualified person conduct photography or videography, as it requires some skill and expertise in handling the equipment. It is advisable that a professional photographer or video shooter is hired so that quality and precision of the clippings is guaranteed.


Selecting a photographer

There are certain characteristics that a good photographer must possess. You should carefully in selecting the right photographer to ensure that the wedding snaps or of the best quality.

  • Go through the photographer’s previous wedding photo shoots and videos carefully to gauge his proficiency in capturing the wedding on camera.
  • Hire the photographer for some minor ceremony prior to the big event. This will give you a fair idea of how he works, what he is good at capturing and from what angles.
  • In case you are hiring the photographer from an agency, make sure the samples they show you are done by the same person who will be working on your wedding pictures and clips.
  • Not everybody is confident and comfortable while being clicked. Many people are camera shy and do not liked to be filmed either. This necessitates for the photographer to be friendly and have the appropriate mannerisms to make the guests feel at ease so that he does not have to leave someone out of the wedding video or album.
  • Meeting and interacting with the photographer prior to the event gives you a chance of knowing him better, which in turn provides you with the opportunity of studying his behavior and nature. This will ensure that you do not have an uptight, inflexible and demanding person on your hands.
  • It is very important that the photographer is dedicated to his work. This can be determined by his preparations for the event. Check whether he carries necessary back up equipment, has someone to assist him so that he can concentrate on capturing the images more than fiddling with the apparatus, and most importantly, is he sensitive enough to understand what aspect of the celebration would the couple want to remember and cherish for life, and hence shoot the same.
  • Last but not the least, the price factor should be well considered. The price put forth for his services should be justifiable. Compare prices of two to three photographers before coming to a conclusion.


The main difference between photography and videography is that the former is still image capturing whereas the latter is akin to a small motion film. Videography is considered to be more difficult than photography since it involves more skills and accuracy. Carrying the camera and moving around the entire venue, capturing relevant and beautiful clippings of friends and relatives having fun is not an easy job. Keeping the camera steady throughout the shoot is very strenuous, as the equipment is heavy and walking around with it needs lot of stamina and strength. Videography is considered more special than photography as it captures moving pictures, which are more real to life.

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