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As you get closer and closer to the ‘big day ‘of your life, the wedding rehearsal gives you an opportunity to identify the finer details and work on them to assure smooth proceedings on the wedding day. Though not mandatory, most families organize wedding rehearsals, as it enables them to exchange good wishes and ideas and an opportunity to know each other. This is especially vital for those families who are located in cities that are miles apart. Wedding rehearsals form an integral part of the wedding planning to brush up for the grand occasion. There are no set rules for a wedding rehearsal and it can be arranged according to the preference and budget of the families.

Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner although nowadays the families of the bride and groom may choose to host their own separate wedding rehearsals. Given below are some of the important aspects, to be considered while throwing a rehearsal dinner party and preparing for the big day.


Time and Place

Usually the rehearsal dinner is held in the evening before the wedding day, or on any day that is convenient for most of the families. While selecting a weeknight for the rehearsal, it is important to check with the wedding party members and their family about their availability. It is essential to confirm that the timing set for the rehearsal matches with the majority of the members participating in the wedding and book the time and venue accordingly. For post rehearsal dinner, it is advisable to choose a restaurant that is located near the rehearsal site to save on time.

What to Say

It is imperative to know what is going to be said during the ceremony and thus wedding rehearsals can be the best times to meet the officiant and discuss in detail about it. Saying small things such as ‘I do’ or ‘I will’ perfectly can make a huge difference and it is good to finalize such details and practice them rather than spending time on deciding what to say in the final moment.


Before the members of the wedding party leave the rehearsal site, remind then about the timing they need to follow the next day and about the things they need to carry. If possible assign a person who can answer all queries in case the members have any doubts on the big day.

Decide the Partners

Rehearsals can be the perfect time for deciding on who is going to walk down the aisle with whom. It is advisable to choose the pairs carefully so that they complement each other and do not look like strangers while walking together.

Practice with the Props

It is advisable to carry all the props that play important roles in the ceremony such as flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, bouquets and others at the rehearsal so that you can hand over your bouquet or gloves with absolute perfection. You may also bring the children and explain them about the importance of their tasks. It is good that they are also involved in a thorough practice session in terms of what they are supposed to do during the ceremony.


The other miscellaneous arrangements of the wedding rehearsal include preparing the guest list, selecting the items on the menu card, deciding on the venue and booking it in advance. Carpooling can be a great idea if you have out-of-towners in your guest list.

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