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The wedding ceremony may be one of the shortest parts of the wedding celebrations, but it requires the maximum amount of planning and care to ensure its proper execution. Care should be taken to prevent all obstacles and problems so as to make the ceremony worth remembering, for the couple, their families and the guests. Since the priest solemnizes the marriage during the ceremony, it is often considered as the most important part of the wedding. To ensure that your wedding ceremony concludes well, you may want to create a to-do list. Though this may appear old fashioned, this simple list can see you through the most important day in your life.


What to include in a list

This is not a very tough job. You need to think over everything you are going to need at the ceremony and all of the things that need to be put in place to ensure smooth operations.

  • Arrange for someone to be responsible for the wedding ring
  • Someone should take care of the wedding band
  • Think of a wedding song
  • Ask the wedding singer to perform a few songs during the ceremony itself
  • Arrange for wedding flowers
  • Organize wedding decorations
  • Write your wedding vows
  • Make sure the wedding photographer arrives on time
  • Draft a well worded wedding program
  • Book the wedding chapel
  • Choose your wedding bouquet
  • Get a brilliant wedding picture
  • Organize your own wedding bells
  • Write you wedding announcement
  • Arrange for a wedding shower

How to go about planning

It is essential that you don’t leave too many things for the last minute. Since your to-do list is going to be exhaustive it’s important that you start to work on things one at a time. This gives you sufficient time to make necessary changes and also compare and analyze all of your options. When you have a list in place, ask around to see if there is anything you may have left out. It’s best to ask older family members cause they are likely to have a first hand experience in such matters. Once your list is complete, you may ask others for help and delegate some of the wedding ceremony organizational responsibilities. Apart from this, it is important to place calls or make visits to all of your suppliers to ensure that everything reaches on time. You could even choose to visit the wedding ceremony venue a day in advance so that you can perform a trial run of the actual ceremony. This includes walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and seating guests. In case you are settling in for imitation flowers and decorations, you could transport them to the venue well in advance. In case the church/chapel is not booked by another party before your ceremony, you could get it decorated in advance. Make sure the wedding program is distributed. You are not only responsible for decorating the venue but also for cleaning up after the ceremony concludes. Once you have taken care of everything on the list, go over them one last time to see if there are any areas for improvement or check to see if you may have overlooked any small details.

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