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In order for your wedding to be an absolute success, it’s essential that you are attentive towards every small detail that goes into planning your big day. You could choose to have your wedding ceremony at home itself; a rented venue, at a church, or even organize a destination wedding. As such, once you have planned your guest list, it is important that you strive to make their experience as joyful as yours. This is even more important when you are expecting out of station and foreign guests at the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. This includes family members and friends who are paying a visit after a very long time. It is obvious that your outstation guests are going to experience great difficulty in finding the wedding location and in fact, even your house.

In case you choose to put up certain guests at a hotel, then you can talk with the hotel management regarding transportation arrangements. This includes a shuttle service from the airport or bus terminal. If your guests choose to drive down, and you are unable to receive them, the hotel can still send a vehicle and have your guests drive back behind them. The hotel can also be asked to provide pick and drop service to and from the wedding hall.


Plan well in advance

You can take care of a part of the transportation requirements by yourself if you have more than one vehicle at home. The extra vehicle could be used to transport guests around town or take them shopping. Those who have only one vehicle should not engage it in transporting guests as the car might be needed for other urgent chores. You may choose to borrow your friend or relative’s car to reduce car rental expenses. Once you have a schedule in place and know when your guests are arriving or where they need to be picked up from, you could arrange for vehicle rentals.

Destination weddings

Destination weddings require special planning, with transportation contributing to a fair share of the budget. You can either arrange for all the transportation or part of it. Destination weddings are a great concept but require greater planning and an eye for details to ensure that the ceremony materializes just as you had planned. It is advisable to check with at least a few travel agencies that offer package tours to the destination of your choice. Special wedding discounts can also be availed of if a large group is traveling.


When sending out guest invitations, you could include a separate transportation card in the invitation itself. This could direct all the guests to the wedding venue. The card could mention directions and landmarks, and information regarding any public transport that might be available. Others could include information regarding all transportation arrangements that have been made for the guests.

Wedding resources

When making transport arrangements for your wedding ceremony, it does not include only the guests. You need to make arrangements for transporting music equipment and the band, decorations, the wedding cake, wedding flowers, crockery, furniture and other accessories that might be need. Some of these transportation responsibilities may be carried out by the suppliers and organizers but need due supervision.

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