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Bride's shoes and accessories

Any outfit is incomplete if not complemented with proper footwear and accessories. This is especially true for the bride's wedding dress; without matching shoes and jewelry, the charm of the dress will not fully realized. To get the best match, brides need to get an expert's opinion in case they or their friends are not very well acquainted with the latest trends and styles. Wedding apparel is not the same as your daily wear wardrobe. Wedding shoes are created for a unique occasion and hence not every person can visualize their requirements and appropriateness in regards to style of their dress. The best people to provide the right consultation are the wedding salon staff and the wedding gown designer.


Shoe selection

The shoe selection depends upon the design and material of the wedding gown. If your bridal dress is long and flowing with elaborate trails, then the shoes will not be highlighted and can be kept simple. However, their color should match that of the wedding dress. In case your feet are fairly visible after donning the dress, then you need to take special efforts to pick the right shoes. One option is to get the outside of the shoes made of the same color and pattern as that of the dress. However, this method would work only in case of selected materials and hence should not be randomly applied.

Another idea for matching shoes is to get them custom made so that they blend with the dress design. If the bride is going to wear a short dress, then there is an unlimited scope for creativity to shape the shoes in varied styles and patterns. Women can opt for a Roman style slipper pattern, cowboy boots, high-heeled stilettos, platforms and many more.

Choosing accessories

Bridal accessories are available in a range of designs, colors and are segregated according to different themes. The jewelry that the bride adorns corresponds to the theme of the wedding. For instance, if the wedding is to be in a colonial setting, then the ornaments could be huge jewels in gold base, whereas if it is a modern theme, then the accessories would be of a more contemporary style. Previously brides were fond of gold ornaments, since there was a major gold craze. The more contemporary fashion is for unconventional jewelry made of white gold, platinum, silver, and bronze apart from imitation jewelry. Each bridal dress will have its own unique specifications and the accessories worn with the dress should complement the look and blend well to accentuate the presentation.

Tips for shoes and accessory trials

To make sure that the shoes and accessory you choose for your special day are befitting your outfit, it is advisable to try the entire apparel together before your wedding. Wearing the shoes and walking in them around the house will not only make them a little more flexible but also give you an idea how comfortable they are to walk in. Since you will have to wear the shoes for the entire wedding day, you need to make sure that they are snug or there is a chance you might get a shoe bite or a sore toe by the end of the event. The jewelry should also be worn prior to the main event to check whether or not your skin develops any rash or is allergic to the ornaments you have chosen.

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