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Wedding preparations are often exhausting, but some people tend not to realize this because of the excitement and energy in the air. Along with the other preparations, the hunt for an appropriate wedding salon that will provide the bride and her bridesmaids with all the necessary dress materials, make up, hairstyle and accessories in one stop, without having to deal with multiple stores, is a must. However, finding a salon that will suit all your needs will require you to visit a few of them and find out more about the different mix of services each of them provides.


Tips to choose a good salon

To select the best bridal salon, you need to visit a few reputable shops in your town and inquire about the following features:

You need to see whether the salon you are visiting caters to customers by appointment or on a first-come-first serve basis.

Secondly, you should get the details regarding the types and styles of dresses they provide. For instance, do they specialize in conventional and ethnic wears and accessories or have all the modern trends and designer wears or have both of these categories?

Most of the salons have their own brochures, which have details of their charges for various items such as ready made gowns, costs for stitching a wedding dress, charges for alterations or for which dresses alterations are provided free.

In the bridal accessories section, you need to check what they have on offer. Whether they provide complete bridal gear and jewelry along with the gown, veil, shoes, hairdo and make-up or not.

In case they deal only in ready made dresses and do not have your size, you need to inquire if they could order it for you and at what additional cost if any.

Most importantly, the cost estimate should be calculated and cross checked to see if it fits your stipulated budget.

Varieties of salons

There are various categories that salons can be divided into. Some salons offer everything, right from the wedding dress, shoes, veil and accessories, to the flower arrangements, make-up, hairstyling, facial, massages, and a pre-wedding sauna and spa. Some other salons specialize either in dresses and accessories or in the pre-bridal body and face makeover. It is not necessary that you utilize all the facilities of the salon, as long as everything you need will be provided by somebody. Most wedding salons have a form where you can select all the services you would like to sign up for and each of them is priced separately. This form can also be a handy checklist, not only for comparing the services offered by different salons, but also as a handy reminder for whatever services that may have overlooked.

A word of caution

When you enter a bridal salon and start trying out a wedding gown, make sure you do not get influenced by each and every comment made by the sales person. It is their job to sell you a dress and its accessories as fast as they can, especially from the most expensive range. Try as many dresses as you can until you find the one that pleases your persona and makes you feel and look good. Always keep in mind that just because some accessories are expensive that does not make them automatically better. At times the most modest, simplest and inexpensive range can be the most befitting for your wedding gown and add charm to match your personality.

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