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Bridesmaid’s shoes and accessories

It is not enough for only the bride to look good and dress well on her wedding day; the bridesmaids are a significant part of the marriage celebrations and accompany the bride through the entire event. They are representatives on behalf of the bride and interact with every guest present at the venue. This makes it important for them to look appropriate and charming. The bridesmaids are usually close friends of the bride who have spent years in each other’s company. This means that the bride does have a fair idea about her bridesmaid’s tastes and style, which is important while selecting the dress and accessories that they would be donning on the occasion.

There are variety of apparel choices that the bridesmaids have when choosing their attire and accessories. Since their dresses are essentially taken care of when the brides dress is being chosen, it leaves only the accessories and footwear to attend to.


How to choose shoes

You have to keep in mind each bridesmaids dress color and pattern when selecting shoes. A long flowing dress would mostly hide the legs and hence it would not be necessary to make the shoes showy. In case the bridesmaid is thin, then she would probably have a short length dress, which would mean that shoes would be fairly prominent. One option for a unique shoe pattern for short dresses would be to get the shoe made out of the same material as that of the gown or custom dye it.

While selecting the shoe style, make sure the bridesmaids’ persona is considered. They should match her personality and not make her look out of place. Shoe patterns from high heels to stilettos and roman slipper style to platforms can be opted for. The most important factor while selecting a pair of shoes is that they should be comfortable and not cause blisters and shoe bites, as the bridesmaids would be required to wear them the whole day.

Deciding on the accessories

The jewelry that the bridesmaids would wear has to be in accordance with the gown and its color. A colonial styled gown would require equivalent designing while in the case of a modern pattern the ornaments would be less flashy. The necklace, earrings, hair accessories and make up — all need to be in tune with the dress. There are some salons that provide bridesmaids accessories and also offer facial makeover for the occasion.

The size of the bridesmaid should be kept in mind while choosing the ornaments. A huge lady wearing delicate thin jewelry would not be appropriate and likewise a thin bridesmaid wearing heavy and thick chunks would look odd. It is not necessary that the bride’s fondness of traditional ornaments would be shared by the bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid’s choice and preference would differ; hence accessory shopping for them should be done with care.

Shopping for shoes and accessories can be a tiresome task. To make it easier, customers can log on to several websites, which display a wide variety of shoe styles and ornaments as well as details regarding their price and make.

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