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Weddings are a joyous and momentous occasion for engaged couples as well as their families, relatives, and friends. They require a lot of preparation and involve paying attention to a number of small but intricate details. From the bride’s point of view, the most important decision that she needs to make is probably selecting the most appropriate bridal dress or bridal gown that suits her style, figure and looks. Shopping for the bridal wedding dress may be stressful at times, but with the help of a few time tested shopping tips, you can easily transform the seemingly tough task into a wonderful experience and save some money as well.


General tips

If you do not want to compromise on the style and looks of your wedding dress, make sure that you start searching well before the actual date of the wedding as selecting the most appropriate dress often takes a lot of time. Start with a trial-shopping trip to local shops with family members or friends, just for getting an idea of what is available and what type of dress will be best for you. Avoid making any purchase decisions at this point of time, even if you like some of the dresses on display, as there may always be a better one. Get a list of all the local shops in your area and plan accordingly in order to cover two to five shops in a day depending on your work schedule or other commitments. Make note of all the dresses you liked and shortlist at least ten dresses from which you will eventually select the one that is the most appropriate. Although prices may be compared, they need not be the main criterion for selecting a dress, as weddings are once in a lifetime occurrence for most people. However, in a situation wherein you like more than one dress, all of which are priced differently, it makes sense to purchase the cheapest one. While making the final decision, make sure that you are accompanied by your mom or a trusted friend and not a whole bunch of people as different opinions often create confusions rather than solving problems. You can avoid making any hasty decisions by shopping on weekdays when most of the shops are relatively less crowded.

Use your discretion while listening to advice given by salespeople as most of them work on commissions and may not give the right advice or suggestion. It may not matter to them whether a dress really suits you or not and are most likely to approve every dress that you try. Select a size that fits you best and as far as possible try to avoid going in for alterations. Some shops may try to make money by offering larger sized dresses and then asking the customer to go in for alterations.

Save money

If you are looking for cheap deals on the wedding attire, then the Internet is probably the best option for you. You can log on to clearance websites that offer wedding dresses at incredibly low prices. Search for websites that specialize in second-hand dresses or out-of-business sales. While buying wedding dresses from the Internet, make sure to include the cost of alterations if any as well as the shipping charges to get an idea about the total cost of the dress. Compare payment plans of different providers and select the one that requires the lowest upfront money and offers the lowest installments.

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