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Weddings are a significant event not only for the couple, but also for their family, friends and relatives. They require a lot of preparation and involve paying attention to intricate details that are necessary for making the event a grand success. Making decisions about the bridal gown, groom’s wedding dress, parents’ dresses, and bridesmaids’ dresses is an integral part of the overall wedding planning. These factors need due consideration to make the event memorable for all those who are involved.


Bridal gown

The most important thing in any wedding is probably the decision regarding the selection of the bridal gown or bridal dress that the bride wears during the wedding. The bride needs to select a dress that best suits her style, looks, and stature. For selecting the most appropriate dress, one needs to start searching for the dress well in advance to avoid making any hasty decisions. One needs to start searching three to four months before the actual wedding date and try to cover as many shops as possible during this period. This will give an idea as to what is available and what type of dress will be most suitable. It is necessary to keep record of all the dresses one likes, as it is very easy to forget when one is visiting two to three shops per day. While making the final decision, it is necessary to ask for suggestions from family members or trusted friends in order to select the most appropriate dress. Although prices hardly matter when it comes to buying a bridal gown, they may be considered when the bride has selected more than one dress and each of them are priced differently. In such cases, going for the cheapest one is the right thing to do.

Bridesmaids’ dresses

After selecting the bridal gown, the next step is to select the bridesmaids’ dresses. Their lengths need to be more or less the same as that of the bride’s dress. If it is difficult to find such a type of dress, one can always use any other wedding dress as long as its overall style is in keeping with the tone of the wedding. One must also remember that such guidelines do not apply to informal weddings held in an open environment such as on a beach or any other outdoor location.

Parents’ dresses

After all this is done, it is the turn of the parents to decide what they will wear on the wedding day. Traditionally, the bride’s mother first selects her dress and then informs the groom’s mother about the dress details so that she can purchase a dress of similar style and looks. However, this system is no longer a norm and it is acceptable for the mothers to wear any dress in which they feel comfortable. Fathers need to wear suits if the wedding is to be held in an informal environment whereas if the wedding is a black-tie or white tie affair, they may be required to wear a tuxedo. If the families are looking for cheap deals, they can log on to websites that offer wedding dresses at incredibly low prices. They can also search for websites that specialize in second-hand dresses or out of business sales.

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