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Wedding is a very significant occasion in a woman’s lifetime. Most women wish to have a wedding celebration that is exquisitely unique and something that no other bride has experienced before. Most brides can seldom turn all their dreams to reality, primarily because of financial constraints. However, an ideal and beautifully designed wedding gown can make up for some of the unfulfilled desires of a bride and make the wedding day a memorable one.


Affordable gowns

Wedding gowns do not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. Though the lavish designer ones are one of a kind, you can have yours made as per your specifications and yet pay a reasonable amount for it. This is possible because of the yearly sale hosted by many bridal boutiques across town. Even if your wedding is months away, there is no harm in availing the opportunity of a discounted price on stunning gowns, which at regular rates would be beyond your budget. Some wedding stores offer a provision to the would-be brides that if they carry out bulk shopping from their store, they would be given heavy discounts on the gown.

Designer gowns

Women who have the finances can very well choose from the expensive variety offered by wedding gown stores and designers. The designing of the gown would require a minimum of $2500 for a regular gown, with no additional work on it. The further price range depends up on the way the gown is being designed. For instance, if the bride is getting precious stones embedded on the material then each stone’s price would be added and the cost would rise accordingly. A work of embroidery on the dress would also be priced according to the kind of embroidery, hand or machine.

Dress styles

A smartly styled wedding gown can be a very huge factor in making it look of the expensive range. With changing trends, the wedding dress is also undergoing changes from full sleeved to sleeveless and spaghetti straps. Each design defines the bride’s figure and accentuates her personality and hence the pattern should be appropriately chosen. For instance, an off shoulder dress suits women with broad shoulders and even the halter neck highlights their shoulders. Women who are on a little heavier side can opt for boat necks and deep backs, which will make them look slimmer. The V-neck design with lots of frills gives a typical feminine appearance and is ideal for a thin frame.

Gown material

The material that is used for stitching the gown is another factor that determines the cost. Wedding gowns are available in various materials. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Batiste, which is a lightweight, delicate and sheer plain weave material, has a look similar to cotton but is a bit thicker.
  • Brocade is a heavy material endowed with a pattern.
  • A lightweight, flowing chiffon fabric is woven together and complemented with a soft drape.
  • Crepe is another light material but has a wrinkled appearance similar to crushed cotton.
  • Polyester is blended with other materials, mostly silks, to make it look like a certain type of fabric.
  • Another material resembling polyester is Rayon. The only difference is Rayon is more elastic than polyester.
  • The most preferred material for wedding gowns is satin since it is heavy and smooth, which gives the wedding gown an elegant look.
  • Another fabric popular with the brides is silk, as it has a beautiful shiny luster.
  • Taffeta is a material that has a crisp and rustling texture that gives a well kempt look.

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