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Engagement party

An engagement party is held to formalize the relationship between two individuals and is a precursor to their matrimony. When two people in love decide to make their ties permanent, they host an engagement party to share the joy with close friends and family members and celebrate this milestone in their lives. Typically, an engagement party occurs a year before the wedding, though this is not a rigid tradition or rule. Traditionally, parents of the groom and the bride met to decide on the date and venue for the engagement party. It is not uncommon these days for grooms to organize an engagement on their own as an occasion to propose to their brides-to-be. With changing times, the significance and customs associated with this event have undergone changes.


Its significance

Getting engaged has a transitory effect on a couple's relationship. It not only states their intention to stay with each other but also celebrates their success in bringing their relationship to this point. It is a very significant event in their relationship since they are officially announcing their decision to their loved ones. Hence, they would want to get engaged in a place that is special and holds unique memories for them. The options for an engagement venue range from the formal setting of a hall, the restaurant where they had their first date, the bride's house, a beach side resort, a cruise ship or even on board an airplane.

An engagement party is also a platform for the bride and groom's parents and relatives to meet and get to know each other. This gathering symbolizes that two families become united via the couple that is about to be engaged.

Everyone wishes his or her engagement to be a special event and often grooms and brides come up with innovative ideas to commemorate the event. In earlier times, the engagement was a low-key event involving close relatives and friends, but in recent times, they have been celebrated with no less gusto than the wedding itself.

The proceedings

Traditionally the bride's father would announce the engagement news to the guests by raising a toast to the couple. Modern day couples tend to carry out this declaration themselves. The proceedings of the party can be simple or elaborate, according to the wishes of the couple. The general practice is to first decide a day and date of the engagement, draw up an invitation list of whom to invite and by whom, choose the banquet menu and type of service, the caterer and finally an entertainment mode such as music or party games for guests.

Prevailing trends and increased affluence have resulted in couples spending luxuriously on their engagement parties. New generation couples aspire for all the paraphernalia in their merrymaking, which includes elaborate decorations, live music bands, expensive gifts for guests, DJ's, theme parties and much more. The menu is usually elaborate and typically comprises of appetizers, barbecues, main courses, cocktails and desserts. The variety of cuisine can range from Continental, French and Caribbean to Asian, Mexican and Chinese in order to cater to guests of all tastes.

There are no rigid rules as to the proceedings of an engagement party. It is organized entirely based on the discretion and taste of the couple and their budget.

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