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As an engagement is a once in a lifetime event, couples typically spare no effort to make it memorable and special for them as also everyone involved in it. In order to make their engagement an occasion to be remembered well after the event is over, couples need to make it as unique and as creative as possible. Typically, the more unique and creative an event is planned to be, the greater is the need for planning. It is advisable to draw up a to-do list well in advance to enable intricate planning. A few important tasks associated with an engagement that needs special attention and should therefore, be included in pre-engagement planning checklists are listed below:


Informing the family

It is important for the couples to inform all family members about their decision to get engaged. It is ideal if the news can be conveyed in person but in case you are not able to do so, personalized letters announcing the news is a good alternative.

The guest list

Deciding on the day and date of the engagement party is essentially the next step. The guest list has to be finalized by drawing up a master list of all friends, family members, colleagues and even acquaintances, whom you wish to invite. The invitations have to be sent out well in advance to enable guests who live in other cities to make arrangements.

Party theme

The couples should discuss and come to an agreement on the kind of party they would like to host. Party options include a traditional affair or a modern celebration complete with a theme party and live music. If it is a conventional setting, the decorations should be done accordingly so that they complement the theme. A modern commemoration can be an exotic theme-based affair and to make it exciting, you may choose on a dress code for males and females. You would have to arrange a DJ to dish out various genres of music from classic romantic songs to current chart busters. The party requires other entertainment avenues apart from music. Party games, love games or inviting guests to participate in a fun short skit with a love theme are some popular ideas. Your creativity can be expressed by devising new ideas for games and amusement activities for guests.

Engagement ring

It is important that a lot of thought and consideration is given to the bride’s choice, style and sentiments while selecting the engagement ring. The ring’s fit and appeal should complement the bride’s beauty and to achieve the same, the groom has to take meticulous efforts to hunt stores and select designs.
Food and other supplies

The dishes to be served at the engagement banquet, cuisines to be ordered and service style are important features, which requires enormous care and precision. A thorough study has to be undertaken so as to know on an average how many of the invitees prefer a particular cuisine based on which the number of dishes are to be ordered. The food should be a wholesome affair complete with appetizers, cocktails, fruit drinks, main courses, salads and deserts. The engagement ceremony would be incomplete without a cake and so a huge cake with an appropriate message needs to be presented for the couple to cut.


Apart from the regular arrangements, you can also include something special that will remain with you as a souvenir of the day. For instance, you can arrange for a big scrapbook at the exit desk, for all the guests to write something about the couple or any wishes they have for them. The bridegroom can present a video shoot of some of the couple’s best moments together, as a gift to his fiancé. If the couple is ready to spend lavishly on their engagement, they can even present each of their guests a special parting gift.

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