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Flowers for the Bride and Attendants

Flowers help reflect your style and personality as well as set the theme and mood of your wedding. The variety and color of flowers that you choose for your wedding will create a unique ambience and leave their mark forever in the hearts and minds of the visitors. Be it a classic decoration adhering to traditional styles or an organic combination of wild flowers reflecting your personal taste, your wedding planning is never complete without the right combination of flowers.

The role of flowers is further accentuated when it comes to their contribution to bridal makeup and gifts for the attendants.


Flowers for the Bride

The bride is the center of all attention at any wedding. Thus, everything right from the bridal gown and bridal shoes to the bridal bouquet needs to be perfect in order to compliment the beauty and importance of the occasion. The bridal bouquet plays a significant role in a traditional wedding ceremony. The bride tosses the bouquet over her head after the ceremony and according to folklore, the person who catches it is said to be the one who will get married next. Hence, the bouquet should be beautiful and exquisitely designed exclusively for the bride. The term ‘exclusively for the bride’ can be explained by saying that the flowers chosen to prepare the bridal bouquet should reflect the bride’s personality. Even the choice of colors goes a long way in defining the underlying meaning and significance of all the aspects of the personality of the bride as well as to determine the theme of the wedding. The floral artistry required for the bouquet is equally important to choose flowers those can endure the tiring course of the big day and do not lose their beauty and freshness, especially when it comes to bridal flowers. To ensure that you pick the perfect flowers and their designs, including the ribbons and boutonnières for your bridal bouquet, you may refer to a number of bridal magazines or visit the florists. You may also discuss the color and theme patterns with your local florist or try and discover for yourself, which flowers cheer you up and make you feel great. Your imaginative ideas and some great flowers can be the perfect combination, leading to a unique bridal bouquet matching perfectly with your bridal attire and individual personality.

Flowers for the Bride’s Attendants

In keeping with the theme and color you have chosen for your wedding, you may select the flowers for your attendants. It is important to ensure that the bridal bouquet can be distinguished from the bouquets of the bride’s attendants, even if the color or the theme remains the same. Both the shape and the designing pattern of these bouquets need to be distinct from the one that is carried by the bride. You may seek the advice of your local floral artist for designing the bouquets and boutonnières for the attendants. In case you have a stiff budget, keep the number of the attendants low so that you do not need to compromise on the quality of flowers planned for them. These floral arrangements can also be made by placing online orders.

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