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Flowers for children

A wedding would not have the same appeal and grandeur without wedding flowers. Flowers can express feelings of promise, hope, happiness and love. Wedding flowers make the entire wedding venue look elegant and beautiful. Flowers are not only used for decorative purposes but are also carried by the bride and the groom. The bride and her attendants as well as the groom and his respective attendants are not the only people who carry the flowers. Flowers are also worn or carried by the children who accompany the couple.

The ring bearers and the flowers girls provide a delightful and enchanting experience to the whole occasion of getting married. It is endearing to see young girls and boys walk down the aisle dressed in the most exquisite of clothes. Arranging flowers for the flower girls and the ring bearers is one of the most essential elements of wedding planning. These children make the place come alive and give a charming and innocent touch to the event.


Flower girls

Second only to watching the bride walking down the aisle, is the charming treat of watching the flower girls sprinkle flowers and petals after the bride. A flower girl is generally a young girl who has some special relationship with the bride and the groom. She could be a niece, a cousin or even a family friend. Flower girls are generally between the ages of 4 and 8. She follows the bridesmaids with a basket full of flowers, sprinkling them down the aisle. Sometimes there are two or even three flower girls present at the wedding ceremony.

Flower girl baskets come in a variety of styles and colors. Select a flower girl basket that is similar in style to the flower girls’ dress. The handle of the basket can be decorated with flowers too. Many baskets are available in white, ivory, lilac and even pink. Fill the flower girls basket with fresh flowers, silk flowers, rose petals and even confetti. The flower girl can scatter rose petals and confetti as she walks down the aisle. If the wedding venue does not allow for sprinkling of flowers, then have her pass out baby roses as she makes her way down the aisle. The flower girl can also carry her own bouquet and can wear a headband of flowers.

Ring bearers

Like the flower girls, the ring bearers are young boys between the ages of 4 and 8 and they too share a special bond with the bride and the groom. He may be a nephew, a family friend or even a younger brother. Ring bearers are adorable and boisterous and can be very hard to control sometimes. Nevertheless, everyone loves to watch him walk down the aisle. He walks down the aisle after the flower girls, with the wedding rings placed on a small cushion. There can even be two ring bearers present at the function.

The ring bearer’s cushion can be decorated with flower petals and confetti. Ring bearers may or may not wear a boutonniere. The boutonniere is pinned to a lapel on the left hand side. Flowers like yellow, purple and orange roses, silver accents, baby’s breath and green foliage are favorites. Some ring bearers also wear a single red rose.

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