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How To Choose A Florist

A wedding is a special occasion in every person’s life. It is one of the most joyous events, the memories of which when remembered, provide joy, as if the event is happening right now in front of our eyes. Thus, an individual tries to make the event as unforgettable as possible, by planning well in advance and leaving no stone unturned to arrange for what he or she had dreamt of ever since they were young. Many don’t even let finance be a constraint and save for several years to make the event ‘king-size’.


Wedding Planning

The first step in any wedding is proper planning. A proper and carefully chalked out wedding plan will not only make the event more happening, but will also avoid any last minute rushes, saving precious time, money and energy. The planning will include various aspects, right from the wedding date and venue to minor but important things such as the wedding dress, the wedding cake, the rings and the decorations. Flowers comprise of a major part of most wedding decorations. To get the best out of a floral decoration, choosing the right florist is of utmost importance.

How to Choose a Florist?

While friends and family can do normal decorations with streamers and confetti, floral decorations require expert assistance. Wedding florists specialize in decorating the wedding halls and reception venues and also make bouquets for the various participants in the wedding ceremony. A good florist should have thorough knowledge of which flowers suit the atmospheric conditions at the wedding. Depending on whether the wedding takes place indoors our in the open, the flowers should be chosen accordingly. Some flowers tend to wither easily in a dry atmosphere and hence appropriate arrangements should be made.

When picking the florist for the wedding day, it is always advisable to go through a photo album of a wedding that he might have worked for before. This will give a clear idea of the florist’s proficiency in his field of expertise. Asking the florist to decorate one of the pre-wedding events or ceremonies is also a good option to gauge his true potential. Recommendations from family and friends can also help pick a good florist.

Since the florist’s job is not restricted to the decoration of the hall or church, you should also see how good he is with bouquets, tiaras and garlands. Flowers greatly accentuate the beauty of the bride and groom, making them an important part of the attire. The bridesmaids and bridegrooms also carry flowers and bouquets, which have to be designed by the florist.

A good florist should be able to personalize the decorations according to the theme of the wedding. The flowers used for decoration and even those worn on person should reflect the beauty and sanctity of the occasion. The flowers used should be as fresh as possible. The coloration should be in tune with the rest of the decoration. The florist should give you several styles, for decorating the hall as well as for the bouquets and corsages. You can then pick the one that best suits your tastes or you can ask him to customize the decorations according to your preferences.

Finally, the cost incurred is an important factor. Florists usually charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars for basic arrangements to several thousand dollars for supplying flowers for the entire event. Therefore, it is best to get a quotation from several vendors and then pick the one that fits your budget.

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