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The decoration at your wedding ceremony is never complete without flowers. Flowers not only add a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall decorations but also represent the theme, mood and even the personality of the wedding couples. Right from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue, flowers and floral arrangements are the most important parts of your wedding planning.

Choosing flowers for the reception may need some planning and thought, depending on the theme you have chosen for the reception. The guest tables, the food tables, the head table and other decorative accents all need to be considered while selecting the flowers for the wedding reception. It is not always necessary that you do all the decorative aspects with flowers; you can cover it up with some greenery as well.

Given below are some ideas for floral arrangements that you may incorporate in your reception decoration.


Decoration Areas

It is very important to understand the areas that might be suitable for larger floral decorations. While buffet tables can be ideal for elaborate flower arrangements, cake tables, stands and vases near the staircases and entrances can also be adorned with bright and gorgeous flowers along with votive candles. You may also put some large bouquets near the stage of the band or the DJ playing live music. It is important to remember that large flower arrangements kept on guest tables tend to block their view; hence these should be avoided to decorate guest tables. Instead you may enhance the beauty of the guest tables with beautiful vases full of small buds.

Floral centerpieces kept on smaller tables look best when they are kept small and tidy. It is not necessary that all the centerpieces have the same flowers and can instead be a combination of different flowers adhering to the same color theme. Table centerpieces, combined with wedding favors can also be decorated with a single flower each in a bunch of small vases so that once the wedding gets over, the guests can carry one flower each as a wedding favor.

Other places where you can let your imagination flow to use floral decorations at your wedding reception can be cake knives, door handles, edges of the dance floor, bridges, arch ways, walkways and even bathrooms. Garland streams put on long tables, banisters, ceilings and exposed beams can also lend an exotic look to the reception venue.

You may also use fragrant flowers and votive candles to float them in containers or scatter flower petals on the walkways and on the cake table. Tossing rose petals instead of rice can also be equally elegant to look at.


There can be no end to the variety of floral decorations you can add to your wedding reception. Nevertheless, it is also important to keep the budget factor in mind while choosing the wedding flowers, as they can be very expensive. Depending on your budget you may cut down the number of large floral arrangements and restrict them to the key areas such as buffet tables or the cake table. You may opt for green leaves, balloons and edible bouquets that are also very popular and look equally beautiful. Fruit baskets, sugar sculptures and small, tiered wedding cakes can very well serve the dual purpose of wedding favors as well as table decoration or even delicious desserts. Alternatively, you may opt for seasonal flowers at local florists’ instead of sticking to only roses, as all flowers can look equally grand and special as roses do.

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