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A gift registry or bridal registry system allows engaged couples to manage the purchase of gifts for their wedding. In this system, the couple prepares a wedding registry containing a list of items that could be purchased as gifts for their wedding. The registry may be created based on items available in a store or multiple stores, but the best option is probably online stores that offer gift registry services. A registry created on these sites will be updated automatically as soon as each purchase is made. Purchased items are instantly removed from the list, thus eliminating the chances of a single gift item being purchased by multiple guests.

While preparing a gift registry, couples need to rise above their personal preferences and as far as possible try to include only those items that can be used by both of them. Apart from including items for home decor, it is also important to include items for daily use in the registry list. This will result in considerable amount of savings, which can be very helpful when a couple is just starting out. The basic idea is to include all the items that the couple feels is required in their house. This will also provide a wide selection of items to buy for the guests.


Spreading information

Creating a gift registry is easy, but what matters most is that guests need to be informed about the registry. Although the gift registry system is widely accepted, it is still considered impolite for the couple to directly tell guests about the registry unless someone actually inquires about it. The couple needs to make sure that they tell family members and close friends to spread the word around. The couple also needs to remind their friends to keep updating the wedding registry every time a gift is purchased to avoid the chances of buying the same gift as another guest.

Most common gifts

While creating the registry couples need to include items under different categories such as cooking equipment, electrical appliances, serving accessories, casual glassware/barware, everyday and formal dinnerware, flatware, silver, crystal, decorative accessories, lingerie, and others. The most common items included in gift registry are mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, handy cams, home theater systems, vacuum cleaners, and other electronic gadgets and gizmos.

Wide range

As far as possible, the couple should try to include a wide range of items comprising both low cost items as well as more costly items. This will provide a wide range of buying options for guests who have diverse financial means. Including only costly items in the registry is not recommended, as this may embarrass guests who have only limited budgets. Focusing on just low priced items is also not recommended as in this case the couple will not be able to get all the items required for starting a newly married life and this may be insulting for guests with more ample resources. The couple needs to regularly check the registry so that new items can be added to product categories that are exhausted or have very few items remaining. If the couple needs cash for their honeymoon trip or making the initial payment for a bank loan, they can ask close friends to ignore the registry and provide gifts of cash instead. Although cash may seem the best gift to many, it is applicable only in case of close friends and associates.

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