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The concept of a wedding gift registry originated in 1924, when a Chicago based department store, Marshall Fields, started offering gift registry services to engaged couples. This concept spread rapidly to other department stores and can now be found on general shopping websites and websites that are dedicated entirely to managing gift registry lists.

Bridal registry system

A gift registry or bridal registry system allows engaged couples to coordinate the purchase of gifts for their wedding by the various guests. Based on their needs, the couple prepares a list of items that they would prefer to receive. The items are selected either from all the items available in a single store or from the selections of online stores that offer such services. The list is then provided for the use of the guests who use it to select a gift based on their budgets. Items are checked off as purchases are made, eliminating the chance that a single gift item would be purchased by multiple guests. This way, couples can make sure that they get a wide variety of gifts and this also helps guests in deciding what to buy as a wedding present.



The process of creating gift registry for the wedding is quite easy. Couples just need to use a little common sense for including those items that they need the most. The only problems that most couples encounter when making a list are caused by differences in each other's personal preferences. For example, one partner may prefer green while the other may vouch for blue. While selecting the items that are to be included in the gift registry, couples need to think about which items will be used everyday, on special occasions, and during holidays. They might start with the living room, noting down the things they would like to see there, then move on to other rooms, and do the same. To allow for the different purchasing power of their guests, couples should select a variety of gift item price levels so that each guest can contribute and none will feel left out.

After setting up the registry, couples will need to notify the guests about the store or online site where the list is kept. This is usually done through family and friends, who spread the word for the couple, and not through wedding invitation cards. To prevent two or more people from buying the same gift, couples need to remind their friends to update their wedding registry page every time they place an order for a gift. They also need to keep adding new items to the registry, especially in categories where very few items are remaining.

Old vs. new

With the availability of online stores, the old gift system wherein gifts were selected personally by the guests is being replaced by gift registry system, which gives couples the freedom to select gifts according to their needs. This means that gifts will be actually used and not stored in the attic or basement. However, a gift registry system does not necessary bar anyone from giving personalized items, as a gift given from the heart is always treasured.

Some people, especially the older guests, are sometimes highly critical of a gift registry system, as they think that the system takes out the charm and the element of surprise inherent in traditional wedding gift system. However, these people cannot be blamed for their views, as people are usually resistant to change and do not take to new ideas that easily. The gift registry system may seem offensive at times but when one looks at the benefits that the couples derive from this system, the guest can be comforted on later visits when they see the items they purchased being used daily and not forgotten.

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