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The often complex task of selecting wedding presents has been made simpler with the use of a gift registry system wherein couples manage the purchase of their wedding gifts. In this system, couples create a gift registry or bridal registry, containing a list of all the items that they would like to receive as gifts. Although the system is quite contemporary, it is still considered impolite for the couple to tell the guests directly where they list is registered unless this information is solicited from them. Gift etiquette holds that information about the registry should be spread through family and friends and not through wedding invitation cards.

Some people find it odd to select gifts from those listed in the registry because they think that it removes the element of originality and surprise that is inherent in giving personally selected items. However, such beliefs are often misplaced, as it is the couples themselves that generally know what is best for them. With the availability of online stores, the task of wedding gift selection has become even easier since gifts can be purchased and sent to the appropriate address at the click of a button. As such, guests need not fear about offending gift etiquette when buying gifts from the registry as they are actually following the correct protocol.


Range of gifts

Couples need to include both low cost as well as highly priced items in their wedding registry to provide each guest with a wide range of options from which to select the gifts that fit their budgets. Including only high priced items in the registry may embarrass guests who cannot afford such items. On the other hand, including only low priced items in the registry defeats the very purpose of gifts registry, as the couple will not be able to get all the items required for starting a newly married life. Items priced in low to mid-range will often be exhausted very soon after listing. Therefore it is necessary for the couple to keep adding new items to those categories where very few items are left.

Personal association

The type of gifts chosen will generally depend on the relationship between a particular guest and the couple. Guests who share only a formal relationship with the couple can select any gift listed in the registry, whereas those that are closest may ask the couple which type of gift is expected from them. It may be a valuable item listed in the registry or even another item not even included in the registry list. Close friends can even gift cash if the couple has agreed to this in advance.

Other options

Even though buying a gift from the registry is generally the right thing to do, sometimes an individual may want to try his own ideas and select a gift of his choice. This is certainly possible as the gift registry is a system of convenience and is not meant to force anything on guests. A gift truly given from the heart will always be treasured. However, while selecting items other than those listed in the registry, it is important to select something for both partners, something they can enjoy together. The basic idea is that the gift is intended for the couple, even if an individual is a friend of just the bride or just the groom.

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