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A honeymoon after marriage is the usual norm and is expected to be followed by the newly weds. For centuries it has become almost a ritual and couples and their families plan honeymoon trips way in advance. In fact, for some couples, planning for the honeymoon is as important as planning for their wedding. Very few couples, embarking on a honeymoon, raise the question of how the idea of a honeymoon originated or who instigated it and which culture was the first one to carry it out. Ideally a honeymoon is the first time the husband and wife gets an opportunity to spend time together and relax after the hectic wedding event.


Various Honeymoon stories

However, the earliest trace of a honeymoon concept was way back in the 16th century wherein the ancient Babylon tradition, the bride’s father would present the groom with a drink known as mead (honey wine), which he was to drink in the first month of his marriage. This drink was supposed to boost fertility. Although many accepted this story, historians do not verify the same since the word honeymoon was not used.

Another version of a strange honeymoon ritual comes from Norse beginnings and is termed as “hjunottsmanathr”. Herein the brides were kidnapped from other tribes and the groom was supposed to hide his bride till the time her parents and family stopped looking for her. This period of the hideout was a honeymoon period for them.

In the Northern European countries, the moon was symbolic of the monthly body cycle and honey was in reference to the first few months of the couples’ marriage. It was almost a word of caution that the future moons may not be as sweet as the honeymoon.

Modern honeymoons

No matter what the stories of origination are, the honeymoon has become an inseparable custom in today’s time. The perception of it has altered, but the bottom line remains intact; that this is a period for husband and wife to spend quality time together. Couples have started instilling new innovative ways to plan their honeymoon trips. From mere sightseeing venues the trips have transformed to adventurous honeymoon tours where couples can engage in activities like hiking, swimming, mountaineering and camping. The not so adventurous types simply go to distant and unexplored places where they are away from the city.

Honeymooning spots where couples can unwind range from beach places, historical venues, trekking and hiking grounds to expensive romantic getaways and distant islands as well. Selecting a place for your honeymoon requires a lot of thought and the couple must take into consideration each other’s likes and dislikes. The couple needs to take the decision collectively by contemplating the choices they have and narrowing it down to the ones where they will feel most comfortable with and most of all enjoy their time together.

Today, tour companies organize a lot of honeymoon tours. This gives several couples a chance to undertake a group tour so that they can interact with other newly weds on their trip. The honeymoon is a memorable experience for every couple and though people may also go on their second and third honeymoons, nothing can be as charming and treasured as the first one.

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