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Wedding planning can be stressful and frustrating at times. Innumerable decisions have to be made like what flavor should the cake have, who all are to be invited, what live band to hire or how to choose the menu for food. These are just a few amongst the many decisions to be made. These same decisions apply for the wedding reception celebrations. A to-do-list will help you avoid the pre wedding stress. No one wants their reception party ruined because it wasn’t planned out right. Right kind of planning is the key to a successful reception party.

Wedding reception is the absolute high point of the nuptials. It’s a time to relax, eat, dance, drink and be merry. A to-do-list will help you save time and can help avoid last minute confusions. There are so many things that are forgotten in the last minute whirlwind of confusion. A to-do-list can help you organize and plan your reception better.

For any wedding reception, begin by noting down a timetable of events. Knowing when you want everything to happen will make sure everything will go like clockwork. Even if you don’t intend to include traditions into your ceremony, there are things that should be pre-decided. For instance, you should notify your caterer as to when food should be served and check with the musicians or the live bands. Make sure they are ready and everything is in place. Listen to their music. In case you’re not too happy with what your hearing, feel free to ask around for recommendations. Apart from the catering and music, you should also include florists on your to-do-list.


A year before the reception

There’s plenty of time to go. Plan out a whole list of things to do in a leisurely fashion. There’s still plenty of time to make changes.

  • Start thinking about a suitable venue for the reception and decide on the style of the reception.
  • Discuss the cost of the reception with both sets of parents.
  • Book the reception venue well in advance, especially if the wedding is in the summer.
  • Start compiling a list of guests.
  • Plan out the menu and drink list and decide whether you want to hire catering services.
  • Consider transport from the wedding venue to the reception site.
  • Plan out the gift list.

A few months to go

  • Select the bride and groom’s party attire.
  • Select the photographer.
  • Select the music for the reception.
  • Discuss floral arrangements for the reception venue.
  • Book musicians and live bands for the wedding reception.

A month before the due date

  • Plan the reception hairstyle.
  • Ensure that all accessories are in place.
  • Notify caterers about the final head count.
  • Check the situation at the reception venue and make sure everything is in place.
  • Agree with the reception authorities about table arrangements and centerpieces.
  • Arrange for transportation of the gifts.

A few days before the reception

This is when the stress levels reach their peak. Last minute wedding jitters stand in the way of rational thinking. There is still time to make last minute changes.

  • Go through the whole ceremony and program.
  • Rest and relax.

A comprehensive checklist will go a long way in avoiding last minute confusions and stress. You could also assign specific tasks to your family and close friends so that you can truly enjoy your special day.

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