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Wedding cakes

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most couples. So no stone is left unturned to make it a memorable affair. The main celebration or the climax of the wedding is the reception and so the focus of attention will naturally be an elaborate wedding cake. Once the wedding concludes, traditionally the wedding cake is served to all the guests. For such a special occasion, the table, the container and even the knife should be beautifully decorated.

This tradition of serving cakes goes back a long time and symbolizes the feeling of sweetness and love that is cherished through marriage. According to tradition, the bride and groom must share the first piece of the cake, after which the guests can help themselves to it. In some traditions, a portion of the cake is preserved right through till the first wedding anniversary. Other traditions require the bride to serve the cake to the groom's family.


Arranging for the cake

The wedding cake should complement the wedding by reflecting the elegance and flair of the couple. The taste of the couple is reflected in the design, shape and decoration of the cake. Traditionally, the cake is large and should be multi-layered or tiered. The cake can be designed to reflect different aspects of the wedding like the bridal gown, the place of reception or even the decorations.

When planning a wedding, the wedding cake should be given high priority. Propose a budget before beginning with the cake selection. Once the budget is fixed, opt for a highly reputed baker or chef. Choosing a baker can be a daunting task. Once the baker is selected, ask a lot of questions and give the exact requirements. Get everything in writing including the price, the date of delivery and the time of delivery. Reserve a cake by ordering for it well in advance. Ideas can be found in recipe books and on the Internet. When purchasing a cake always decide on the size and style of the cake. If the wedding is a garden or a beach wedding, inform the confectioner. The confectioner will alter the cake in the required manner.

The icing on the cake

Traditional wedding cakes are three-tiered and are frosted with royal icing. The frosting is usually white, which symbolizes chastity and purity. Heavy sugar frosting can delay spoilage of the cake in a humid environment. Wedding cakes come in various shapes and sizes. Heart shaped cakes are increasing in popularity. Similarly, sheet cakes are also a popular choice for smaller weddings. Most wedding cakes are elaborately decorated with icing over a coating of marzipan, with the figures of the bride and the groom right on top. Other common designs are horseshoes, gold rings and doves.

Some of the popular flavors are cheesecakes, chocolate mousse filled cakes and fruitcakes. Fillings can consist of chocolate, custard, vanilla and almond. Cakes can be made in various flavors and colors. A single flavor and color can also be used. Most couples opt for multiple flavoring for each layer. Accessorizing wedding cakes is also an elegant way of decorating them. The most common accessories used are candy pearls. Wedding cakes can also be personalized with frosted icing and piped cream.

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